Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Smells like a Contempt rat to me.

Roof rats and diseases such as plague aka. the black death - black death era painting
Or it might be a BQ dirty trick, since the incumbent could lose his seat to NDP Boivin - who once held the riding of Gatineau for the Libs. These allegations against Boivin have been raised in the past and she has clearly stated that they are unfounded.

Montreal newspaper Le Devoir reported Tuesday that Boivin did not actually leave the [Liberal] party for ideological reasons as she has previously stated, but because she hired a woman to work in her office the Liberals say was her same-sex partner and then refused to acknowledge she had broken the rules. [...]

Boivin flatly denied the allegations, saying that she knows all the rules and she never broke them. “These anonymous sources should come out of the shadows and have the courage to defend these allegations,” Boivin said in a statement on Tuesday, where she also announced her intention to defend her integrity and give legal notice to Le Devoir and the journalist who wrote the story. [...]

NDP officials say that was always their understanding of why she joined their party, noting she had voted with them – and against the Liberals – on votes like the missile defense system and legislation concerning the right to strike. [...]

Boivin told a news conference in Gatineau on Tuesday that she has been consistent in saying no every time she has been asked whether she had hired a same-sex partner to work in her office, a question that came from both the Liberals and the NDP. Boivin noted that she gave the same answer to [Toronto] Star reporter Richard J. Brennan when he asked her about the rumour in the past.

Brennan has written previously about the BQ and his language suggests that he is not sympathetic to that party - nor to the NDP.

Le Devoir has been relentlessly investigating Contempt Party candidates for their affiliations to extreme rightwing and fundamentalist religious groups during this federal election. This may have led to pressure on the editorial board to "balance" this reporting by publishing something dodgy about an Opposition party's candidate, particularly one who might be endangering a BQ incumbent's prospects for re-election.

Canadian politics have shifted; hateful political tactics increasingly replicate the polarized ambiance in the US. We can thank the Contempt Party and its leader, Emperor Stevie Spiteful for importing these toxic substances.

At this point, I'm thinking that someone close to the BQ or the Cons is the source for this contemptible product of trash journalism. BTW, the ADQ, which has formed an alliance of convenience with the CPC and Alberta's Wild Rose Party is not known for supporting gay and lesbian human rights.

And also: Count on Norm Spector to get it right ... NOT!

Too: The NDP's knee-jerk response to the attack on their candidate is short-sighted and not very politically astute, imho.


Anonymous said...


Le Devoir cited Liberal sources in reporting that Boivin did not leave the party for philosophical reasons, as she has stated, but was instead pushed out for hiring her partner to work in her parliamentary office.

fern hill said...

Clicky linky.

deBeauxOs said...

It is logical that in the course of preparing this trash journalism item - I now have a dead-tree copy of Le Devoir in front of me - members of the Liberal party at the time Boivin was one its MPs would be asked to respond.

I stand by my suggestion that the Cons are attempting to discourage investigations into their own illicit activities in Québec by diverting attention elsewhere.

ck said...

for many journos, especially Jane Taber, 'anonymous Liberal sources' have made for their great imaginary friends, haven't they??

Le Devoir, contrary to certain opinions, is not a Liberal leaning paper. Never has been. I always remembered it more a separatist paper.

The contest these days if one looked at 308.com, is clearly between Boivin and the incumbent,Bloc's Richard Nadeau.

It's been the Bloc who has been slagging the NDP (although rumour has it they made a deal with each other regarding Outremont and Papineau; bet they regret it now if true), along with the Harpercons.

Also, contrary to the belief of some people, Le Devoir is not; never has been and never will be a Liberal leaning paper. For as long as I can remember, it's been sovereigntist leaning. Leanings more toward Parti-Quebecois and Bloc.

Whoever submitted the trashy info about Boivin was pretty stupid--this kind of thing could well give her the edge to beat Nadeau.

deBeauxOs said...

ck, Montreal is *special*, is it not? Hélène Buzzetti, the journo who did a rigorously researched series on religious zealot candidates of all fundamentalist stripe running for the Contempt Party did the hatchet job on Boivin.

"Nice family, nice house, nice dog you have there, Madame Buzzetti. It'd be a shame if a lack of balance in your political reporting caused *something* to happen to them."

The Cons are so f***ing corrupt and yet nothing seems to stick to them.

ck said...

Honestly, I was surprised that Buzzetti would even entertain writing such smut (Re: Boivin). It really is beneath her.

Me Boivin is a smart and well intended person, basically. She didn't deserve this.

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