Thursday, 24 March 2011

Plague rats

Roof rats and diseases such as plague aka. the black death - black death era painting
are vicious when they are forced into a corner. And that is exactly what the Opposition has done to Stevie Spiteful and his cabal of Cons in the Harper Regime. If the minority Conservative government falls as a result of losing a confidence vote in the House of Commons, an election will follow.

Harper's rightwing party which had the hubris to campaign on a platform of accountability, ethics and transparence has surpassed its predecessors in evasion, corruption and opacity.

These folks have never taken the high road; they are dedicated followers of Rovian tactics and their leader is the nouveau Tricky Dick.

The cornered Con rats will deploy every nasty strategy and parrot any vile lie to win; their political operatives function as though an election campaign is a blood sport.


double nickel said...

Like Baird on CBC just now blathering on about how the "coalition" is wasting $400 million on an unnecessary election? What a douche. It's hard to believe even the most stunned Reformers still buy that BS.

Backseat Blogger said...

I am going to giggle all the way to the ballot box.  You're suffering from a bad case of Harper Derangement syndrome

fern hill said...

Backseat: if you believe one poll, you yourself have a derangement problem. Harper gets a minority at best, then his party turfs him. Lose-win, I say.

k'in said...

I've never bought into the crap that Canadians "don't want" an election. Guess it's one of those "repeat it often enough (gullible) people eventually believe it must be true" things. I've never once heard one of our illustrious media stooges pose the "huh? why not?" question. Hell, I'd vote every month if we had the opportunity.

And-I really hope that the opposition goes after Harper over the fallacy that the economy is his strong suit. He inherited a big-ass surplus from the previous government & has rung up a spectacular deficit. G20, H20 - give or take a fake lake. And - young 'uns, seniors & anybody in between - is anybody out there feeling the income security?

Alison said...

Somebody from the media should ask Harpie if he plans to reconstitute his coalition plans with the NDP and Bloc if he gets a minority. I believe the NDP have the signed document. That might head off his crap about the iberal/NDP/Bloc coalition. It wouldn't stop that thug Baird lying his head off though.

Backseat Blogger said...

@ fern hill

but it's not just one poll. Every poll for like forever puts the grits way down.

and each and every time that an election has threatened, the liberal tank in the polls.

the liberals will be lucky if there are still the official opposition in mid may.

fern hill said...

Backseat: Read Jeffrey Simpson. Cons pedalling furiously, not getting anywhere. 'Canada is still not a majority conservative country.'

And never will be.

Backseat Blogger said...


he he he. i'll meet your jeffrey simpson article and raise with Warren Kinsella

the only poll that counts as they say is the one on election day. we'll see where the Tories stand then. depending on ow the vote splits they could easily win a majority with the same popular vote as in 2008. (ie see vancouver south where the liberal won by all of 22 votes. ain't no way he's gonna win this time)

deBeauxOs said...

Backseat Blogger, if anyone is suffering from a derangement syndrome, it would be you and your Con job cronies.

Do you actually think the ReformaTory corruption decomp doesn't stink and that voters don't smell its fetid odour?

Get your nose checked out - and your eyesight, too.

k'in said...

Um, Backseat Blogger - how'd that Rocco "Bocce Balls" Rossi thing work out for Warren Kinsella?

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