Tuesday, 19 April 2011

For whom fern hill votes

I was not fully informed when I said that I'm voting Liberal.

Thanks to the Star, I thought there were no fun fringe parties represented in my riding: just Con, Lib, NDP, and Green.

I emailed the Lib to find out if she's pro-choice because I'd be in a pickle if she's not. (Some may remember that I also have serious problems with the Greenies.)

I just checked with Elections Canada and found that I do have fun fringers to choose between.

* Barney, Rachel (Green Party)
* Brown, Chester (Libertarian)
* Chow, Olivia (NDP-New Democratic Party)
* Innes, Christine (Liberal)
* Lin, Nick (Marxist-Leninist)
* Siow, Gin (Conservative)

Voting for a loser doesn't bother me in the slightest. As a bi-national, I have voted for John Anderson, Eugene McCarthy, and Walter Mondale, mostly because of Geraldine.

So, what'll it be, blogosphere? Libertarian or Marxist-Leninist?


Dr.Dawg said...

Since Chow is included in your list of "fringers," vote for her.

fern hill said...

Cute. That's the entire list.

JJ said...

Libertarian??!! :) :) :)
(But prepare to be denigrated as a "teabagger".)

fern hill said...

I've just done a little more research. The M-L, guy Nick Lin, is persistent. He's run every time since 2000. He gets about 0.2% of the vote. I might encourage him with mine.

On the other hand, Trinity-Spadina hasn't had a Libertarian candidate since 1993. That seems to be a party REALLY in need of encouragement.

So, far one vote here for Libertarian. One vote on Twitter for Marxist-Leninist.

JJ: Today I was called a 'Liberal dickhead'. 'Teabagger' would even the insults up.

ck said...

Marxist-Leninist. That tends to get a bigger rise from the neighbours these days.

Ok, disclosure here. A former co-worker, now retired was the coolest at our office; managed to keep all the secretaries in our building out of trouble, her husband was a Marxist-Leninist in the early 70s.

Beijing York said...

One of my favourite and most inspiring professors in Poli-Sci was a Marxist-Leninist. I can't help but admire their idealism.

JJ said...

"Liberal dickhead"?! Well that's special!

Come on, fern hill, come to the Dark Side... we have cookies (and teabags).

Jacqui said...

Go for Chow! :)

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