Thursday, 12 May 2011

Not shedding one tear for you, media.

The disgusting display of tabloid reporting that passed for political coverage has had one very positive outcome.

The NDP has learned a number of hard-earned lessons during elxn41.

First: the Contempt Party even as a minority government set their own rules for engaging the media; members of the print and electronic news-gathering corporations griped about it but they accepted the terms.

Second: even when the media professionals are in possession of correct facts, they will present them in whatever manner they choose to do. For example, it made no difference to the baying hounds who invented a faux-scandal out of Ruth Ellen Brosseau's election to MP that Contempt Party candidates such as Joyce Bateman and Jim Hillyer were basically MIA too, or that some - Parm Gill - campaigned for office, using Harper Regime resources (our tax $$$) well before the writ was dropped.

Thus it should not be shocking to the media that the NDP is now wrangling their requests for interviews with Brosseau. And ignoring those who behaved like dickheads.


janfromthebruce said...

ignore the dickheads but funny thing is, the more they write about REB, the more that people are defending her and that her status keeps going up - it's now having the opposite effect.

deBeauxOs said...

Exactly so. I agree that Brosseau and the inadequacy of her elxn41 campaign warrant scrutiny. But many of the articles suggested she spent the whole time in Vegas, which was patently false.

But do media hacks, such as SunTV, provide much in-depth investigation of Contempt Party MIA candidates?

No. So much for the alleged *liberal* bias.

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