Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Jason *Easy Access* Kenney (update)

At the start of the election campaign, DAMMIT JANET! started a meme about Con candidates. Remember this one, where we questioned Parm Gill's claims about processing visas and immigration applications? It's particulary relevant, given some applicants move quickly through the system while others are plagued by incomprehensible delays.

Well that issue has come back to bite MinJKenney on his big white ass.

We've also cast a critical eye on Kenney, notably for the religious ideological dogwhistle that keeps blowing in his vicinity.

And while we're on the topic of catholic fundamentalism, here's a story about Gay ... err, happy Paree and French RWNJ (right wing nut jobs) that'll bring a twinkle to your eye.
Close to the Pompidou Centre and just across from Saint-Merri church, a stylish and discreet "Love shop" could go unnoticed. But it provokes some Catholics who have decided to go to court to remove its sex toys from the neighbourhood.

Founded in 2004 [...] the Paris and Marseille-based stores offer accessories to "spice up your sex life, feed your fantasies and explore new sensations in a friendly, sexy and delicious way." Led primarily by women, the shops are designed so that one can enter without embarrassment [...].

The National Confederation of Catholic Family Associations (CNAFC) and the association Love and Family have filed complaints against the company in court because the shop is located 90 meters from the Saint-Merri elementary school.
Full Google translation here.

If Contempt party leader SHithead and his Cons get the majority he demands, you can expect catholic zealots will lobby MinJKenney to shut down small businesses such as the one belonging to the married couple who created We-Vibe and successfully marketed it around the world.

Update: No response yet from Auditor General (it's not clear she is the appropriate Parliamentary authority to accept the charge) regarding Ruby Dhalla's public request.

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