Wednesday, 27 April 2011

When the bully plays the *victim card*.

We're talking about the Contempt Party whose specialty, during the last 5 years, has been prevarication upon prevarication. It has even convinced its base supporters that there was no contempt, only charges made up by the Opposition in Parliament.

The *victim card* is what Karla Homolka played, when the police didn't yet have the solid evidence they needed to demonstrate that she was not only an accomplice in Bernardo's crimes, but may have actually initiated some of the more repulsive violent crimes committed by the couple.

Birds of a feather. Opportunists. Cons and con jobs.

And thus this latest unsurprising revelation about the shallowness of their so-called "Tough on Crime" posturing.
Four years ago, to great fanfare, the federal Conservatives opened an ombudsman’s office to help victims of crime. [...] To date, the Office of the Federal Ombudsman for Victims of Crime has released only one annual report. Two others were filed to the federal justice minister but, for more than a year, they have remained secret. [...]

The missing reports, from 2008 and 2009, would have been made public earlier this month — to coincide with the sixth annual national victims of crime awareness week — but the “coalition forced an unnecessary election and shut down Parliament,” said Geneviève Breton, the justice minister’s spokesperson.

“My sense is they created the office because it made a good press release,” said Steve Sullivan, whose federal appointment to a three-year term as ombudsman ended last April. [...]

“They use the word victim a lot but it’s done to support or justify the get-tough-on-crime agenda, which really doesn’t do a whole lot for most victims of crime,” said Sullivan, who is now executive director of Ottawa Victim Services, a community-based agency that works primarily with women who have been abused by their partners. [...]

The word “victim” appears 40 times throughout the Conservative party platform.

Contempt party opportunists. Cons and con jobs.

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ck said...

So not surprising. Yet the power of misinformation continues to breathe.

In Lac-St-Louis, Joey Davis (in case you don't know who he is, he's headed this victims of Earl Jones group) has given a resounding endorsement to Senator Touchdown. Why? Because, according to Mr. Joey Davis, the Harpercons have been so wonderful to the victims of Earl Jones because of some sentencing act they passed; that one that couldn't have passed without the help from the 'evul separatist' Bloc the Harpercons and the WASPs of Lac-St-Louis have sooooo much contempt for.

As a result, while Election Prediction Project and are projecting the riding to remain in Liberal hands, there are those on the ground, from what I hear, who say that it will be a squeaker.

Joey Davis and his group, in the meantime, are still pretty pissed with Charest for not compensating them for the losses they incurred from Jones; the initial raison d'etre of Davis's group.

Now, they're happy there is a new truth in some tough on crime bill that the Bloc helped pass, funny how they don't thank the Bloc too.

I wonder if someone showed Davis that report you posted up there, would he believe it? Probably not--he'd probably say that some anti-Harperite hired a forger.

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