Tuesday, 3 February 2009

And now for something completely different: a feel-good story from Silicone Valley North.

An Ottawa couple who works together helps others play nicely together. Very, very, very nicely together in fact.

Standard Innovation Corp.'s first product, the We-Vibe vibrator, has sold 55,000 units worldwide since it was released last spring.

Bruce and Melody Murison, both former Nortel employees, launched their "research and design" company after Murison was laid off from the now-struggling telecommunications technology giant five years ago.

Bruce Murison, who worked as a Nortel engineer for more than a decade, said the We-Vibe was designed from an engineer's perspective. The 60-gram silicone device is U-shaped and is the product of six years and $500,000 worth of research and development.

"This is, to me, not a sex toy. It's an electromechanical device," he said. "We truly look at it from a scientific point of view; in terms of plotting the x-y charts of power versus performance, versus the third dimension of the human dynamic: What frequencies do women like?"

Indeed. The buzz about the We-Vibe from local erotic emporium Venus Envy is glowing. Last December Diva Magazine pronounced the We-Vibe one of the essential items for today's well-equipped, technologically-savvy woman. Even a New York Times story about sex toys leads with a glowing endorsement of the We-Vibe.
Let me emphasize, for the benefit of the reading and/or comprehension-impaired gals at ProWomanProLife that unlike the meaning they twisted from Joyce Arthur's words, sex for pleasure includes (though not limited to) married couples (same sex or hetero).


fern hill said...

Oooh, as they say in the jewellery ads, 'Just in time for the holiday'.

Psst, dBO, you wouldn't be getting any kind of um, inducement to post about this, would you?

Mike said...

Well, I believe they sell these at my local naughty shop. Guess what Mrs. Rational Reasons is getting for her birthday?

Yep that right. And I'll give her one of these vibrators too.


deBeauxOs said...

Mike, do you think that we should, in the interest of transparency and accountability, disclose that we own shares in Standard Innovation?


Beijing York said...

Now that is innovative thinking.

I think sex for pleasure should be promoted more extensively. Lots of environmentally sound and healthy reasons for more sex, solo or in unison. Maybe some entrepreneurial soul at Nintendo can develop the Wii-Vibe.

psa said...

a young friend of mine has started a woman positive, smart and safe online toy store. the aforementioned tingle-thingamadoozie available there...


support canadian young women entrepreneurs!

fern hill said...

Oh, sure, now PSA is getting into the act. Is everybody getting a piece of the action but me?

jj said...

What, sex is for something other than pleasure?

deBeauxOs said...

JJ!!! Join the party!

Allô fern hill. You want a piece of the action?

According to the Standard Innovation website, the ... umm, invention is available at Good For Her in Tranna.

psa: I made a clickable link for your entrepreneur friend too.

Frank Frink said...

Well, shoot. Now I'm going to have to go see where it's available, if it's available, in Greater Vancouver.

psa said...

merci debeaux. i'm guessing i copied & pasted and neglected to mark up the html tag because of all the latte sipping and also the abortions that good christian women might get if they are taught about the strange powers of alkaline batteries.

psa said...

you know that thing is ray-gun cool looking. as a gadget fan it almost makes me wish that us fellas had fun bits that were noticeably more complex than a potato. short of the eerie disembodied simulacra of strangers pudenda, male toys are about as complex as a sleeve.

deBeauxOs said...

psa - Some day, somewhere may you discover those boytoys that are more complex (and fun) than a sleeve.

The Murison's brilliant gizmo is rechargeable. You like its space-age tech design? Check out these specs (click on image for more details).

Beijing York said...

I got a buddy of mine and work colleague very much interested in becoming the Manitoba sales rep/franchisee. It really is a brilliant gizmo. I think I sold the concept to a group of six post-fifty crowd of men and women.

Mike said...

"Mike, do you think that we should, in the interest of transparency and accountability, disclose that we own shares in Standard Innovation?"

Well all the more reason to buy one

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