Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Behold the Stephen Harper Excrematorium.

Isolated biosolids discarded by the city of Ottawa’s water treatment facility have been refused entry into the US for disposal because they were found to be radioactive.
More here. I'm betting that Lisa Raitt has been drinking and bathing in bottled water since December.
How to go about suggesting that the nation’s capital raw sewage treatment plant be re-named the Stephen Harper Excrematorium …?
Update: Make that the Stephen J Harper Excrematorium. That J. adds gravitas, don't you think? The Ottawa Citizen has more today.
eh. The city is hiring a "nuclear sleuth", a Toronto expert on radiation.
I'm still betting on Hot Shit Minister (thanks pseudz!) for Natural Resources Lisa "I bathe in Evian" Raitt to stage a diversion away from the Chalk River facility.
"Over there!!! Look!!! A shiny, radiating, terrist object!!!"
Further update: Hot Shit Minister for Natural Resources Lisa "I bathe in Evian" Raitt scolded the opposition for creating public panic when she was asked whether there was a connection between the radioactive biosolids produced by the Stephen J Harper Excrematorium and leaks reported at the nuclear reactor. She said "there is almost certainly no connection between radioactive sludge in Ottawa and a reactor leak at Chalk River some 200 kilometres upriver." Almost certainly no connection ... And she hammered the point home by adding: How do I know? The Bible Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission tells me so.
Wow, I feel so much better already.
Grand merci to J.A.Baker for the idea.


Frank Frink said...

Oy! I'm sure Mayor O'Crook and the Whistler-bound city council knew absolutely nothing about any of this. Yeesh.

Dr.Dawg said...


Pseudz said...

One could rate Raitt as the 'Hot Shit' minister.

rastafarian said...

Maybe some of the bribes in Detroit, MI U.S. made their way to Ottowa so the mayor could overlook the radiation. Was Synagro involved?

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