Friday, 6 May 2011

Not quite there.

For an unknown, or perhaps a non-entity, Jim Hillyer certainly got a lot of media attention. Almost as much as Ruth Ellen Brosseau but since Hillyer is a member of the Contempt Party it's unlikely he'll receive much scrutiny. That's him above, finally speaking to the media, the wife and children stuck off in a corner.

During elxn41 we wrote about him here. Now that he's been elected to Parliament, more information is required.

He was dubbed The Man Who Wasn’t There – Jim Hillyer, a first-time Conservative candidate in the southern Alberta city of Lethbridge. [...]

He earned his moniker from a local newspaper after failing to show up at a pair of debates, repeatedly refusing interview requests and declining to speak to a local blogger who used Twitter to track him down while he was door knocking, an activity he said was more important. (In a video of the encounter posted online, Mr. Hillyer said he couldn’t talk because he had to use the bathroom.) [...]

Protesters gathered outside Mr. Hillyer’s office, pressing him to make a public comment. He declined.

From here.

The perfect Contempt Party backbencher, another MPty suit.

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