Saturday, 30 April 2011

Has Con candidate been here, there or anywhere?

It's a mystery. Contempt Party candidate Jim Hillyer has the standard "Here for you" slogan attached to his campaign material but it appears nobody in Lethbridge can confirm that he has actually been present in his riding during the election.

From here:

"Very few people in Lethbridge have even met him or seen him. "It's kind of bizarre." On Wednesday, criticism of the first-time federal politician ramped up when a local student group questioned Hillyer over his resume. They accuse the Raymond man of emphasizing his graduate education, but not revealing in campaign literature he studied at a non-accredited university.

That school is George Wythe University in Cedar City, Utah, which confirmed Hillyer was granted a master's degree in political economy in 2005 and has studied for a PhD in constitutional law. Hillyer's website and Facebook page note the degrees, but don't name the institution. [...]

Fred Hillyer said in an interview from his home in Stirling [...] "They have
no clue the stature of this man." He defended his brother against accusations of dishonesty, saying Jim Hillyer never claimed the university was accredited, but people simply jumped to conclusions.

He described his brother as someone with a keen interest in politics, dating back to childhood when he proclaimed he wanted to be prime minister. "Every decision he has made in his life has geared him up to this moment," Fred Hillyer said. "He's not an opportunist. This is something he's strived for forever."

Move over SHithead. Here's someone more qualified than you: he's studied constitutional law.

Of which particular country? No one seems to know.


Beijing York said...

There are a few blog sites devoted to denouncing GWU as a scam. They seem closely tied to the home schooling movement in the US. One PhD dissertation on constitutional law was based on the power of the letter "A" in Hawthorne's "The Scarlet Letter". I kid you not:

fern hill said...

BY's link.

fern hill said...

Woooo. Some serious craziness there, BY.

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