Saturday, 30 April 2011

DJ! Final Stretch Election Challenge: Who Can Get Stevie's Goat?

In case you missed it, The Donald lowered the tone of USian politics to new depths by launching the so-called F-bomb three times in one speech.

Lezlie Lowe writing in The Chronicle Herald has some advice for Stevie Peevie.

Harper should let his inner Donald Trump shine

Staring down the barrel of another who-knows-how-many years of Chairman Harper has me praying our conservative Conservative will lift his skirts and show the true colour of his crazy. That he’ll go temporarily off-track and bust a move like Trump is in his pre-bid for the U.S. presidency.

We know Harper is a control freak/borderline psychopath. (See Montreal Simon, passim.) Not to mention a scary TheoCon misogynist. (See DAMMIT JANET!, passim.)

But he keeps himself very tightly wrapped.
Harper’s control of journalists, of what comes out of the mouths of his MPs and of his own image is unparalleled in Canadian history. Harper stays in power mainly because he keeps his extremism under wraps.

And compared to Donald Trump’s bombastic political showmanship, that makes Harper all the more diabolical.

When an relentless reporter presses for an answer, as Terry Milewski intrepidly attempts, Stevie Peevie stands back and lets his rabid supporters shout the question down. It happened again this morning (via Twitter, link below*), with the HarperBots adding, 'Shut down the CBC!'

Here's the DJ! Final Stretch Election Challenge: To the reporter or citizen who can force King Stephen to blow a gasket -- preferably on camera with good audio -- what? Hm. What motivates reporters? Money? Fame? Undying gratitude from a desperate people?

If it's dough, I'd throw in at least a hundred bucks to see it. If it's sex. . .

We're taking reward suggestions and/or pledges in the comments.

* UPDATE: John Ivison:
But it was during the press conference that followed the speech that the temperature rose. CBC Television’s Terry Milewski asked whether Mr. Harper would respect the Governor-General’s decision, if he called on a second-placed party to form government after a Conservative minority was brought down. The Prime Minister said he wasn’t going to speculate on what might happen after the election, despite the fact his whole campaign has been based on conjecture about what might happen post May 2. Mr. Milewski accused the Conservative leader of ducking the question and repeatedly asked him to answer. By this point, the assembled partisans felt it their duty to jump in for their man. “Shut down the CBC,” shouted one man. Another behind Mr. Harper was screaming, gesticulating and visibly upset. To be fair to Mr. Harper, he gestured for calm and maintained his composure. In days gone by, he would have responded to such a challenge by attacking the source.

Quite why the press conference needed to be held in front of a hostile crowd is not clear, unless it was an attempt to intimidate journalists. Other parties hold the presser in a separate room after the event.

Party spindoctors suggest Mr. Harper likes the visuals of being surrounded by supporters but it lends the appearance of a lynch mob when the inevitable happens. One suspects the visuals of this morning’s episode will be replayed on newscasts across the country and confirm many people’s impressions of the Conservative Party as the home of anger, intolerance and blind partisanship.


900ft Jesus said...

harper gets others to sling the mud and be outrageous (Layton half asleep in a massage parlor 16 years ago).

The times I've seen stevie-pevie slip were when he didn't have control of the situation - well run debates - Gilles got his going a couple of times so that he says something mildly nasty, and sneers.

The media seems to have no problem taunting the opposition on personal issues, yet steve still has his fake marriage photos published without anyone pointing out that the marriage is a scam. Wish the media would stay out of the private lives altogether, but when someone uses a fake relationship to sell their image, that's dishonest - like MacKay and the neigbour's dog photo. That type of dishonesty in politicians should be pointed out.

Getting a sociopath to lose it - the only way I know is hammering away at them in situations where they can't run the show, cutting them off when they try to change the topic and dodge questions. That only works in controlled situations where crowds can't be the buffer or distraction and the media host is unbiased and strong enough to keep cutting the politician off when they try to take over the debate or interview.

steve's a chicken-shit and he'll be careful not to face the press without his frothing worshipers.

900ft Jesus said...

oh! oh! I've got it! Get someone to rip off his toupee!

fern hill said...

Ding! Ding! Ding! I think we have a winner!

Be a very brave person though. Probably get tazed at least.

ck said...

good luck with the toupee. I think it's stapled. Ever notice no matter how windy it gets, not one hair moves?

But 900Jesus, I'll pay for front row tickets to anyone who dares to try!

deBeauxOs said...

That's no toupee! It's a political comb-over.

Beijing York said...

Someone should throw a shoe at him. I doubt he has the agility to duck in time like GWB did.

Alison said...

It's Republican helmet hair, surgically attached at birth.

fern hill said...

BY: Shoes! Lots of shoes! Ethnic shoes! 'Very' ethnic shoes! For those who have forgotten.

Beijing York said...

Ethnic shoes, eco-friendly shoes, moccasins, paupers' shoes and shit kicking stilettos just about covers every demographic he's insulted.

A real powerful image would be to see an Afghan mission double amputee vet throw his combat boots at the f*cker.

fern hill said...

Hey, BY, ever think of blogging? ;-)

Beijing York said...

I certainly miss it, fern.

Niles said...

He's partly lost it, by appealing to Liberals to vote for him, like he's never kicked them, their party or their leader the last five years.

I would like to see the polls swing, even for one report period before election day, so the NDP have higher numbers than the Cons. The bunker scene out of the Hitler films I'm betting.

But the big bets are on now since Milewski's questioning. Will Harper lose it post-vote and say he's not really out of power? Seriously, would this man turn around after this many weeks of whining about a forced election and 300 million dollars of costs and demand another election? Elections until he gets what *he* gets what *he* wants?

Think about it. This is an actual public conversation serious people are having in sombre tones, that a *Canadian* politician who claims he's 'here for Canada' would not vacate office in a Parliamentary democracy that 'fires' him for incompetence. That's a *country* expecting someone to majorly lose his shit if the ball gets taken away.

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