Sunday, 1 May 2011

Election Eve Fun with Wiki

For a couple of minutes, that was the opening of the Wiki entry for Julian Fantino.

If you can't read it: ' . . a retired police official, a douchebag who leaked the information about Jack Layton's involvement in a bawdy-house bust, and the elected member of the Parliament of Canada. . .

Alas, someone was quick to fix it.

But, YAY, JJ the Genius found it in the revision history.

(I know. Despite years now of blogging, there is much for TechnDolt to master.)

In related news, the #elxn41 hashtag has been conquered today by humourless, deluded ideologues preaching to their various choirs.


JJ said...

It's true about the #elxn41 hashtag... i've never seen so many dry, humourless tweets & rabid chomps, bites & over-reactions to everything, from (just about) everyone.
Good idea to have some election eve fun!

Anonymous said...

Not so far from the possible ...

Found at links at Dawg's Blawg - - Apr 29'11 - "Despite being known as a champion of the poor, a city councillor from Toronto has confirmed that Jack Layton and his wife Olivia Chow, lived in a subsidized housing co-op. ...Toronto councilor Giorgio Mammoliti confirms the couple were living in the housing co-op at the time, which led to a scandal. Mamomoliti ... says both the province and city subsidized the housing in the complex and the couple would have had to apply to live there. A police investigation cleared Layton of any wrongdoing." - Apr 30'11 - "The Velvet Touch Massage parlour — where NDP Leader Jack Layton was found during a 1996 police visit — was suspected to be a bawdy house since it opened, Toronto Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti said."

Wikipedia - "Mammoliti is generally considered a right-leaning and socially conservative member of council. He was an outspoken supporter of Toronto Police Chief Julian Fantino, and spearheaded an unsuccessful effort to pressure the Toronto Police Services Board to renew Fantino's contract."

Wikipedia - "Prior to entering politics [in 2010], Julian Fantino was the Commissioner of the Ontario Provincial Police from 2006 to 2010, Toronto's Chief of Police from 2000 to 2005, and Ontario's Commissioner of Emergency Management from 2005 until 2006, and also served as chief of police of London, Ontario from 1991 to 1998, and of York Region from 1998 until 2000. Prior to his London appointment, he had been a Toronto police officer since 1969."

Someone who has their eye on higher office learns how to play politics ... just saying ...

sassy said...

hehe, hats off to JJ!

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