Saturday, 28 May 2011

How Meta Can This Get?

When I blogged about the reactions to The Onion's story on a new 'abortionplex', I included a link to a blogger who had collected some of the funnier and/or sadder ones.

Now, someone has created a site devoted to whacky Facebook responses to Onion stories, called Literally Unbelievable.

The Intertoobz, as we all know, is a great place to express outrage. And Literally Unbelievable has already in its short life gotten up somebody's nose.
"This "Literally Unbelievable" Tumblr irks me no end," writes Navneet Alang on Twitter. "Elitism masquerading as internet hipsterism."

So how long until someone sets up a Tumblr to record these posts?

Doncha just lurve the Intertoobz?

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