Saturday, 8 January 2011

Taliban Hates Hockey and Cats

I just turned on computer -- not enough coffee yet -- and approved two new comments.

From the Hockey Fans for Peace post:
nkaulius said...

Im so angry by this. A hundred of my fellow citizens died in 9/11 because of terrorists. I fully support the war against this terrible crime. These bleeding hearts should be ashamed of them selves. Who else in Canada supports these brave men and women as much as don? What a Joke. He's a GREAT Canadian and you should all show the man the respect he deserves.

From the Feral Cats post:
croghan27 said...

"Kill the cats.

But the obsessed cat people -- almost all women -- go bananas. Beeeg trouble at the civic level."

crogh is a cat person and if someone undertakes some .... ultra legal actions against cats near him he will respond with a similar ultra legal reaction.

Now my under-caffeinated brain is trying to figure out how to combine the irrationality of the pro-DonCherry camp with that of the pro-cat camp and get them to support the troops by replacing them in Afghanistan.

Maybe spread the word that the Taliban has kidnapped Don Cherry and is torturing cats?


Kev said...

Or maybe that the Taliban has dognapped Blue and has brainwashed him into strapping on a suicide collar and blowing up an animal shelter, that way you get the dog nuts involved too.

fern hill said...

Excellent idea, Kev. ;-)

Beijing York said...

So the bird watchers are the only true pacifists ;-)

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