Saturday, 8 January 2011

Is Don Cherry Pro-War?


From 2003, CBC deletes clip of Cherry and MacLean arguing about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Afterwards, Cherry spoke on a radio show:
"You have to realize the CBC is government owned," Cherry said on the program, which is broadcast throughout the United States and Canada. "You have to say the government was against it (the war) and I'm for it and I'm on a government program. I really thought this could be the end."

h/t Art Bodger at Hockey Fans for Peace page. Different from group. Confusing.

So, to all those defenders of Sour Grapes saying he 'just' supports the troops -- you are wrong.

Don Cherry is pro-war.

ADDED: Fake Don Cherry weighs in.

MORE: Twatsy weighs in to say that members of the group are actual Communists. Now how does he know that? Would that be defamation, do you think?


Jymn said...

He's also against Canada when the US goes to war and we don't. He railed against Canada for standing up Bush and not joining the disastrous invasion of Iraq. Cherry loves war and has no conscience about sending our 'beautiful boys' to die, especially for a futile and useless war.

Bina said...

Twatsy really should STFU. And GTFO. And FOAD. JMO...

The more I learn about Don Cherry, the sicker I get of him. Even my dad, who's as hockey-mad as a German immigrant gets, thinks he's full of shit. Maybe it's the European in him talking?

Of course, my dad likes all the players Sour Grapes hates. So do I. And for the very reasons Sour Grapes hates them--THEY CAN PLAY.

Bina said...

Apropos beautiful boys, Jymn...ever notice the contempt in Sour Grapes' voice when the subject is "Cindy" Crosby? Cutest kid in the crop, and also the best player. Quel surprise...

k'in said...

He's a chicken hawk on ice. He even looks like a technicolour caricature of Colonel Sanders. "Rock 'em, sock 'em" is all vicarious good fun --- as long as it's "over there" --- and as Jymn said, it's the "beautiful boys" and not him that get blown up.

Kev said...

I find it sad and amusing all at the same time that so many right wingers think pinko and commie are insults.

Beijing York said...

Jack Todd of The Montreal Gazette nailed it when he described Cherry as Glenn Beck in sequins. More from his opinion piece:

Because when challenged, Cherry turtles. He doesn't debate, he preaches. He doesn't respond, he rants. And when all that fails, when his complete lack of rational thought or reasonable ideas is about to become obvious, he falls back on name-calling. "Left-wing kooks." "Tree huggers." "Pinkos."

The CBC has done some dumb things over the years, like dumping the Hockey Night in Canada theme, or killing The Tournament while keeping the insipid Little Mosque on the Prairie on the air.

But the worst thing our national, taxpayer-supported network ever did, by far, was to allow itself to be taken hostage by Don Cherry. It's time for the network to show some spine and say "enough." Politics or hockey commentary, but not both.

Read more:

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