Thursday, 13 January 2011

Cry me a river ....

Sorry Officer Olivera, but this mawkish attempt to spin the reality of working conditions for cops, medical emergency personnel, fire fighters and street intervention staff is transparent.

From here:

An Ottawa police officer wants the public to know that working in the police station cellblock can be dangerous. Special Const. Carlos Olivera said he has to take a cocktail of drugs in case he was infected with the HIV virus or hepatitis C after an incident in the cellblock in December.

He came forward with his story because of recent news coverage of a video showing another special constable kicking Ottawa woman Stacy Bonds after she was arrested in 2008.

And perhaps you've been pushed into the media spotlight by the public relations guy Ottawa Police chief White hired?

Funny how it is that nurses, ambulance personnel, firefighters and homeless shelter workers who face similar health-endangering risks when helping people in need don't beat them up to teach them a lesson, the way some cops feel they're entitled to do.

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