Tuesday 30 November 2010

Ottawa police despotic duo has history of brutalizing women?

Once more paraphrasing the words of Mark Steyn, "Must be convenient to have a [professional] code that obliges all your pathologies."
Two Ottawa police officers involved in the controversial strip search of a 27-year-old woman are being named in a lawsuit by another woman who says she was injured while in custody. [...] Carr is suing police for "personal injury" — although the nature of the injury is unclear, as her lawyer, Lawrence Greenspon, has yet to file a formal statement of claim outlining his client's version of the facts and the restitution she is seeking.

Carr's criminal defence lawyer said her case is being looked into by the Special Investigations Unit, the Ontario police watchdog that investigates incidents in which civilians have been seriously hurt or killed in interactions with police. Carr was arrested and charged with mischief, resisting arrest and assaulting a peace officer on Aug. 23, 2008.

Her arrest came a month before that of Stacy Bonds, who was subjected to a strip search after being arrested for [alleged] public intoxication.

Two of the officers named in Carr's suit, Special Const. Melanie Morris and Sgt. Steven Desjourdy, were involved in the strip search of Bonds on Sept. 26, 2008.
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More here about other complaints against Morris and Desjourdy.

The above is a photo of Desjourdy. If you're a woman in Ottawa and this cop approaches you, run for your life.


Beijing York said...

No One is Illegal Ottawa has issued a powerful statement regarding the systemic abuses of the Ottawa Police:


Christian said...

Hi deBeauxOs. In case you aren't aware of this site already, you may be interested in reading the mind set of some Canadian cops. I came across a website called 'blueline forums', while googeling Vern White a few nights ago.

While the site has public and private sections,
the public comments alone reveal a disturbing disposition within the ranks. I can only imagine what is said in the private zone.

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