Thursday, 15 April 2010

"Bring in the wedges, boys, and drive them hard."

Yet another revolting quote from the odious Mr 'Kicking Abortion's Ass', The Fetus©™ fetishizing, christofascist John "Sperm Holocaust" Pacheco.

story of Roxanne Fernando (the woman whose beating and murder - claimed by Rod Bruinooge to have inspired his private member's bill) is one that's familiar to feminists who led the fight to reform institutions and laws in order to protect battered women and their children from violent domestic partners.

And now the abortion criminalizers are playing this "opportunity", also known as the circumstances that led to the brutal slaying of Fernando, to re-introduce another bill to limit choice.

Notice how Harper's Con jobs never demand better laws to defend the right to safety and the right to life for women like
Joan Paget and Gail Saltel as well as their children? Strange how ReformaTories do not vigorously support shelters for the hundreds of Canadian women and children whose kidneys as well as their lives are not valued by rightwing, patriarcal religious zealots.

Un grand merci to
JJ, who provided the link to the FD thread and to the venal 'Paycheck' comment, typical of a certain kind of rightwing religious zealot male.


ck said...

The first thing that came to my mind after reading about this bill was; what about the reverse? Ya know: those abortion clinic protesters who do all to coerce vulnerable women going in there to have their abortions to change their minds?

speaking of folks coercing folks to not get abortions: anyone remember the Chantal Daigle--Jean-Guy Tremblay?

Does broonstooge take those women into account?

deBeauxOs said...

Yes, that's a good example as it turned out that Tremblay is a serial abuser of female partners, now serving a prison term.

Niles said...

So, obviously what's needed is a private member's bill that completely echoes Bruinooge's except in that the coercion applies to those harassing women trying to get abortions.

....hrm. That makes me wonder if something like that was in the works, and this is trying to head it off, or if the anti-faux pregnancy clinic legislation in the US has them concerned.

If they weren't thinking that far ahead, I'd really like to see an MP launch the flip bill, if only to discover what Bruinooge and ilk howl about.

deBeauxOs said...

That sounds like an excellent strategy, Niles.

buckets said...

Picking up on Niles strategy, surely the strategy would be to amend Bruinooge's bill in such a way that it reverses the circumstances.

ck said...

Yeah, that's right! he is in the hoose gow these days. Well, good! Nice to see the justic system does work once in a while...

I do remember how Tremblay kept Daigle in the courts and she was driven to the point of having to go get her abortion anyway elsewhere...No one should have to be put through that.

Guess Broonooge won't even consider that.

Cliff said...

As I recall she publicly announced she had left the jurisdiction to have the procedure only hours before the court ruled that she could have the procedure. It was a nice symbolic 'Thanks for the permission for what I've already done' moment.

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