Thursday, 2 April 2009

SoCon Or Bust = Member of the Catholic Taliban

SoCon Or Bust's recent bout of brain diarrhea is a mess of hysterical, vituperative and deranged attacks on the Youth section of the internationally respected Development and Peace organization. Warning: sit back from your screen when you read it, you might retch.

According to SoCon, fundamentalist Islamist and Catholic men share the same agenda: return women to the control that religious political authority allows men to enjoy.

His remarks about the programs that Development and Peace support: For SoCon Or Bust, this is ...
The whole thing is one big hate-fest against men and the traditional family, not to mention the promotion of sexual license, “reproductive rights”, and abortion.
This is what gets him foaming at the mouth:
Women participate in their government The East Timor Women’s Network that works towards empowering women and promoting democracy: Hosted legal workshops which enabled the participants to lobby the national parliament to pass a pending law against domestic violence.
His obsession with death reveals much about the demons he keeps corked up in a bottle. He is completely uninhibited about displaying the neuroses and phobias that feed his religious zealotry. Since sex is the ultimate evil, allowing women to die by being infected with AIDS is a validation of the Vatican's doctrinal authority.

Whenever I read SoCon's vile, overwrought, agonizing screeds, it brings to mind the martyr Saint Sebastian in all his representations. He should post that icon on his website, and not Mary who was asked by God to consent to being Jesus' mother and who chose to do so.

Merci to unrepentantoldhippie who giggled at Blob Blogging Wingnut's shrieeeking at this. DAMMIT JANET! doesn't find SoCon quite as amusing.


Mandos said...

This post of his is made of win. Check out the fire hydrant cartoon image.

Mandos said...

Oh, and the wv on the last post was "hanties". And on this one "uppropo".

Mike said...


Still, Pacheco is the guy who think that lefties are literally possessed by demons.

Yes, he thinks demons are real and that we are possessed by them, which is why we don't wholeheartedly agree with his views.

The man is dangerously delusional.

deBeauxOs said...


John "My Own Private Vatican Taliban" Pacheco is so freaked by the mere thought of male sterilization, Mandos, that he can't even spell the word - vascectomy (sic) - straight!

jj said...

A textbook case of the dangers of sperm backup: it builds up in the brain, shorts out all the neurons, synapses crackle and spark, eyes light up to 500,000 candlepower, and if there are no altar boys around, all that pent-up frustrated energy is spent on a nazi-hunt for charities that might support reality-based sex ed.

The Catholic church has been dealing with the fallout of sperm backup for years. Or more to the point, NOT dealing with it.

sassy said...

The actions in Quebec follow recent campaigns in Argentina and Spain to encourage Roman Catholics to renounce their faith. In Argentina, the "Not in My Name" Internet campaign attracted 700 signatories when it was launched in early March. Organizers there said they hoped to reduce the Church's political clout by reducing its membership.

More here
Apostasy move stirs emotions in Quebec

deBeauxOs said...

sassy - thank you for that link. I was drafting a post on that very issue when I read JJ's about SoCon's brain diarrhea so I shelved it and concentrated on Mister "My Own Private Vatican Taliban" Pacheco instead.

Mike said...


It never occurred to me that ole Johnny might be that way because he has a load of bad water on board.

His obsession with sex and sperm does have a bit of a "methinks the lady doth protest too much" feel to it doesn't it?

Those nasty alter dare they taunt and tempt him with their purty flesh like that? Down to the basement for another night with the cilice and the whip...

sassy said...

deBeauxOs - Great minds think alike and .... all that stuff ;)

Mandos said...

The comment thread on the fire hydrant post contains reference to "relativism", again. It's the bizarre meme that doesn't die, but can't really be explained consistently.

jj said...

"It never occurred to me that ole Johnny might be that way because he has a load of bad water on board."

"Bad water" -- HAHAHAHA!

I wouldn't want to be around when he springs a leak.

Frank Frink said...

Yeah, Mike, you never know. Maybe it's all the being 'afeerd the evul femunistz' (sic) might be after his 'precious bodily fluids' that turned the well sour.

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