Thursday, 15 April 2010

Stevie Peevie's Long-Range Planning?

I just gotta share this.

A commenter there wrote:
Here is what has happened. Harper needs to be rid of Guergis and save face. He hires a private investigator. Tells him to dig up dirt on Guergis by pretending to investigate her husband's buddy. Then tells the P.I. to take it to the Liberals. Harper hopes the Liberals will jump all over it. Harper plans this prior to explosive evidence being presented by Afghan Detainee/torture witnesses. The Liberals policy is not to buy into mysterious trench coat rats and refused to meet with this Magnum P.I.

Now Harper has a problem. So Harper now behaves as if he receives Magnum P.I.'s sleaze through a Party Lawyer and the rest we know...and yet Harper didn't notify the ethic commissioner...because should this every come back on him? Wow. The legal ramifications are dire."

I think Stevie Peevie is capable of it.

What do you think?


Pseudz said...

There was a board-game I played as a little kid the name of which seems apt for these machinations:


It even has a bit of the bi-langue going for it.

I'm not sure that I'd want this government to be as transparent as they promised ; I think the view would be too depressing.

Niles said...

I mulled something similar at 'bcer in toronto'. It's tempting to think the PM is that Clever tm, but I have to keep reminding myself of a truism...

..."never chalk up to weasel cunning what is more than adequately explained by greedy stupidity".

How many times has Harper been lauded as playing chess when others are playing checkers? How many times has his Wiley Coyote geeeeenius SMRTs proven to be anything other than delay, obfuscate, delay?

When asked to co-operate he says "no, make me cuz *you're* the one..." and honestly? so far, that's all he's needed. Be rude at the highest levels of social comportment and demand others be polite or they'll make baby Jesus cry. Then watch people shuffle their feet and look embarrassed while he lifts that little smirk.

ck said...

Thanks for sharing this Fern, I never even thought of that angle.

Niles, Brother Steve is forever the tactician. I wouldn't put this kind of stunt Fern is suggesting pas him.

Good for the Liberals for not taking the bate. Now, if Iggy would listen to Donolo and Lague and his other advisers.

deBeauxOs said...

It gets better.

It appears that Stevie Peevie took at face value the information the ReformaTory lawyer bought ... err, heard from the Private Dick who, as it turns out, may not be quite as credible as the Cons assumed.

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