Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Michigan 'Pro-Abort' Trial Begins

The trial of Harlan Drake, the man who confessed to the murder of two men in Michigan, one of them a proposed anti-abortion martyr/saint, has begun.

The deatils in the testimony so far are pretty sad. Drake apparently considered suicide by cop but decided against it. Police have testified that Drake was totally cooperative during the arrest and questioning.

Remember that these events happened fairly soon after the assassination of Dr George Tiller and the fetus fetishists were thrilled to declare this a totally equivalent instance of 'pro-abort' violence.

So, was Harlan Drake a pro-abort? (What is it with rightwingnutz and multisyllabic words?)
Drake told police he's "not against anti-abortion" but didn't like that Pouillon showed graphic signs to children in front of Owosso High School. The evening of Sept. 10, 2009, Drake said he intended to kill Pouillon if he saw him at the school the next day.

"I figured if he was there, I'd make sure he wasn't there (again)," he said in the taped recording.

It was after the shooting of Pouillon that Drake decided to kill Fuoss, who formerly employed Drake, his mother and brother, he told police. He said since he was "in for one" by killing Pouillon, he might as well be in for three.

Drake's lawyers are planning a temporary insanity defence.


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