Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Karma Runs Over Dogma. News at 11.

Update with linky goodness.

As many literate people in Canada know (the rightwing crackpot illiterates, not so much) Yann Martel started a generous personal project a few years ago to expand the cultural horizons of Stephen Harper. Some called it a fool's errand, given that the churlish narcissist (who will soon be a former PM) does not believe in Canadian culture.

Well today la presse francophone is abuzz with the note of admiration that Martel received from Barack Obama.

It appears the US president and one of his daughters read The Life of Pi. President Obama in his note said "It is a lovely book - an elegant proof of God and the power of storytelling. Thank you."

Correction: Martel has received occasional aknowledgement from the PMO for the numerous works of Canadian fiction, non-fiction and poetry that he has sent him over the years; they are boiler-plate form letters.

Clearly Harper's god is not Obama's god.


fern hill said...

And what a lovely story.

Some people got class. Others . . .

Antonia Z said...

One of my favourite books of all time.

Beijing York said...

Martel puts religions in a context that even an atheist can appreciate.

Meanwhile it won't be long before our Canadian broadcasters and print media are owned by US giants like Fox, Disney, Time-Warner, etc. Say goodbye to Canadian culture and Canada Investment Act.

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