Tuesday, 2 March 2010

CAPP's New Purpose

CAPP, Canadians Against Parliamentary Proroguing, is repurposing. With prorogation just about over, the group has become Canadians Advocating Political Participation, which keeps the original acronym, but I learned today, shares it with the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers. Oh well.

Here's the launch video.

Christopher White, founder of the original CAPP Facebook page, appeared at the Liberal roundtable today on parliamentary democracy, which was live-blogged by Kady.

One more thing. I won't repeat myself about what a fascinating experiment in new media organizing and activism this is, yadayada. But, if you're in the mood to play, it's time for the Money Test, aka, The Will This Be Taken Seriously? Test.


Anonymous said...

CAPP #1 and CAPP #2 have merged! So they said on Solomon's P& P today. (:

ck said...

Oh my, didn't know about Petroleum connections until I came here. So, thanks for the info (sigh!):

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