Friday, 5 February 2010

Stevie: Looking for love in all the wrong places.

Over at Strategery! The tactical brilliance of Stephen Harper, C.C. lists those Blogging Tardies who are licking one another all over in a paroxysm of ecstatic relief that (less-popular-than-fried-onion-ring) Leader has turned his cylon gaze back to Parliament.

Montreal Simon spanks and flogs Stevie teh Spiteful in public, marvelously.

Valentine's Day is approaching. May I remind you all about this brilliant idea, following up on the momentum of the Pro-Democracy Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament rallies.

And. Also. Our very own DAMMIT JANET! notion for curing what ails the Lardy Leader of the ReformaTories.

This is an effigy. Make it as minuscule as its subject deserves or as bloated as your penetrative tool of choice allows. Have fun.

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k'in said...

Pin the clue on the jack-ass...

(doesn't work, but the tryin' is fun!)

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