Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Who's The Best, the Most Beautiful Fetus©™ Fetishist of Them All?

JJ's blogpost about $arah reminds us that it's been a number of days since we've mined that mother lode of rightwing political humour.

It appears that Palin is reminding her admirers who made the best, the most saintly choice of them all. Not one to languish in the shadow of another woman's moment of glory, $arah uses Trig as leverage to keep her name in the news. After all, part of the agreement she has with FoxNews is to to keep promoting herself so that viewers will click on to see what's the latest buzz in her life.

Did she really just call for Rahm Emanuel to be fired because he allegedly used the term "fucking retarded" to refer to fellow Democrats in a private meeting? Last summer? Did she really?

[...] does anyone actually believe that Palin's name for the child of miraculous provenance was found by her deep knowledge of ancient Norse as she claims in her magical-realism novel, "Going Rogue"? I mean, seriously. She knows about as much ancient Norse as she does English grammar.

Meanwhile, you'll also find Palin in her habitual power-red jacket while you wait in the check-out line at the supermarket, on the cover of a glossy tabloid magazine virtually enthroned as the anti-abortion matriarch.

The mother-daughter exclusive, which reportedly earned the duo $100,000, has commentators asking: Is Sarah Palin further squandering her political cred to cash in on fame — or is this latest move a savvy play to broaden her base?

Palin’s turning celebrity — and why not? Palin earned almost as much in the eight hours it took her to pose for ‘In Touch’ as she did governing Alaska for a year [...] “With payouts like this,” it’s hard to imagine why she'd ever return to the difficult, unremunerative job of public service.

$arah's certainly not letting Pam Tebow steal her thunder!

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