Friday, 16 October 2009

Hype vs "Propoganda" (sic)

Over at SUZY ALL-CAPS’ House of Glossy Fetal Remains and Periodic Whining and Shrieking, where SHE quotes from this blogger - Why I just can't believe the hype’.  Here’s the money quote: "As with global warming, the more we realize that the "experts" don't even agree amongst themselves and that the supposed "consensus" on the question is just a myth meant to delegitimize and silence opponents, the less the population will swallow everything it's told without question." 

Will Blob Blogging Wingnut include her constant screeching of factoids about The Fetus©™ and "propoganda" (sic) about choice, in this broad-brush invalidation of phenomenons such as those claimed to be myths; say, climate change and antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria?  Oh wait, SHE probably considers HERSELF exempt from the observations that SHE interprets as a condemnation of all the things that SHE does not believe.

Just as Sarah Palin thinks that electric cars can't work in Alaska because sockets to plug them in are hundreds of miles apart, SHE grasps at the strawmen arguments that seemingly bolster HER sense of persecution yet 'specialness'.

Religious zealotry disorder.  Because the ungawdly are not like HER.

Update: Go read Bene Diction Blogs On, regarding yet another tool produced by the lesser dull knives in the drawer.

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