Thursday, 15 October 2009

Lies, Damn Lies, and Harassment

Ha. We're not the only ones a tad obsessed with fake pregnancy clinics, aka Crisis Pregnancy Centers/Centres.

Here's a fab website I just stumbled on: Crisis Pregnancy Center Watch.

Much good information, but what I found rivetting were the women's stories of how they were treated by the Kristian Talibaners:

Here's Lisa's story (emphasis mine):
When my period was late, I went to a place called "Problem Pregnancy Center" that advertised free pregnancy tests. When I was waiting I was in a small room watching bloody and disgusting videos about abortion. After the video they told me I was pregnant. I got an ultrasound there too. They said I was 12 weeks along. They said I was too far along to have a legal abortion in my state. I knew this was wrong and realized I wasn’t in the right place. I screamed at the staff and left in a huff, saying I was going to have an abortion somewhere else. Whoops. I didn’t mean to do that, it was definitely a mistake. But I was so angry that they were lying! A few days later, my mom got an anonymous phone call that said I’d killed her grandbaby. I was infuriated and humiliated. Fortunately my mom was understanding and said she would have done the same thing but wishes I had talked to her first because she knew of a good clinic and I wouldn’t have ended up in this terrible place. I felt so happy and relieved. Seven months later, I got a card in the mail. It said, “Congratulations on Your New Baby!" but it was splattered with red paint or ink. Every year after that, I’d get a Happy Birthday card made for children, except they’re all splattered with red paint. We couldn’t get them to stop legally because there was no proof the Crisis Center was sending them. I finally stopped receiving the cards when I moved out of the state and didn’t leave behind a forwarding address.

This place was awful. I knew instantly that they didn’t want to help me but to torment me. And after I had the abortion, I was really fine. But once I started getting those cards, I wasn’t. All that guilt they said I would have if I had an abortion came true, but only because they created it. I would have been fine, honestly. I had no moral opposition to abortion, but they put that into my head and it still to this day haunts me. It’s like they create guilt and unhappiness in order to prove that you’ll be guilty and depressed.

Nice, eh?

Not only do they lie for the baybeez, they harass and intimidate for the baybeez too.

Don't forget. We got 'em here in Canada, too.


Bina said...

Yep, we got 'em here all right. In my hometown, there is a Beginnings centre. (It's still around after nearly 20 years. No word on how many abortions they've stopped, though. My guess is on the order of "not very many".) Their tactics are definitely designed to guilt-trip women into making only one kind of choice, although I don't know if harassment is also part of the curriculum or whether the people who run that place are too concerned with image to let that happen.

Beijing York said...

That is so disgusting.

Sheesh, if there is any truth to the concept of post-abortion depression, I hold these groups as responsible for it. A woman who chooses abortion for herself is usually relieved and only made uncomfortable by the reactions she receives. My hope is that some day women will never be freaking questioned about their choices let alone denied access to their choices.

Cliff said...

Scumbags have opened a location just a few blocks from me. I feel like printing up a bunch of articles like this one and scattering them around the neighborhood and posting them on power polls.

fern hill said...

Good idea, Cliff. Maybe a few signs saying 'This way to the fake pregnancy clinic. Beware of gales of lies spouted by anti-choice zealots.'

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