Saturday, 17 October 2009

Compare and ... uh, compare.

How difficult could it be for Sarah Palin to hire a top-notch, competent fact-checker who would review her speeches and fluff essays in order to inject them with the credibility and vraisemblance that she so desperately needs?

Perhaps that would be, for a narcissist like Sa-wah, an admission that she is not the centre of everyone's world and a universally knowledgeable expert about every subject, even with regard to those issues where she is a self-proclaimed specialist. Like petroleum products.

Palin had an opinion piece in the NRO. On the surface, it seems sensible enough. But a contributor at the Examiner has uncovered some provocative trends in her screed.

Sarah Palin wrote an article--with the apt title "Drill"--which appeared in today's National Review, which argues for more domestic petroleum production. The op-ed reminded me of Vladimir Putin’s plagiarized graduate school thesis, “Mineral and Raw Material Resources and the Development Strategy for the Russian Economy.” Both works advocate domestic energy development as the key to economic development and therefore, national strength. (“It’s about freedom and confidence,” wrote Palin.) I went through both documents and found a series of points that sounded very similar.

Both agree that natural resources mean economic development, though there is a wealth of evidence to the contrary that suggests that resource extraction yields poor development outcomes."

Who knew that Putin could see Alaska from his dachau?

Today's Sarah Factoid: CNN has noted that Palin (or someone acting for her?) has posted her CV on Linkedln. Read the comments - a small sampling for sure, but if it's representative of the public's mood about her, the publisher's projections that "Going Rogue" will sell millions may be wrong.


fern hill said...

Woo, those comments are harsh! :D

Bina said...

Um, Dachau is the site of a former Nazi concentration camp. I think the word you're looking for is "dacha".

(You're welcome!)

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