Monday, 7 September 2009

A Monstrous Regiment of Testerical Racists and Islamophobes.

Canadian Cynic: Apparently, being a vile and despicable racist is context-dependent.   And that quote from the blogger formerly known as 'Raphael Alexander': "I always want to lead the hardest pitches.

Hardly - more facile, wobbly fromage-like and flaccid I would say.

The blogger formerly known as 'Raphael Alexander' is in good company: the likes of the odious and testerical Andrew Breitbat and the also odious and testerical Pamela Geller.

One rants at the big league media for not giving any credence to the Birthers & Teabaggers-led crusade against Van Jones.

The other shrieeeks about the 'moozlims' and a purported fatwah against Rifqa Bary, on Facebook.  Yeah, Facebook.  As Sarah Palin knows, that's the medium extraordinaire for launching rightwing conservative whacko campaigns, hateful propaganda and reactionary "Death-Panel" lying glurge.


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