Thursday, 20 August 2009

I-See-Dead-People: Palin and her sycophant.

Last year, The Fetus©™ fetishists went on the rampage, claiming that recipients of the Order of Canada would return their snowflake medals in the hundreds, as a protest against Morgentaler's award. To date, the convergence of various astroturf zygote zealot organizations has produced 10 returned medals, including one from a priest convicted of physically abusing 2 children in his care, and three deceased recipients. Those who presume to defend the interests of the "pre-born" now also speak for the post-dead.

In a recent post, Blob Blogging Wingnut yammered:
"I recently read the story of someone I knew who told me his mother almost aborted him, but at the last minute decided against it. I was rather blown away by the thought that he might never have existed-- all those years, he would have been non-existent. You might object: but you would not have been none the wiser. But the truth is, just because you don't know something doesn't mean reality has not been altered. His person would not have been around to enrich his world. The world would have been poorer without his presence. More and more of these people will be coming to prominence."
As always, SUZIE ALL-CAPS's ideological glurge has the capacity to stun, with all the finesse of a RCMP-wielded Taser™. Someone with a secret Magisterium decoder might understand the above tirade.

In this SHE ressembles HER idol, Sarah Palin who has a similar way with words.

Funny how Sarah and Sainte-Nitouche never "see" any of the hundreds of thousands of women who have died as a result of AIDS, ectopic pregnancies, and self-administered or illicit abortions.

They may “see-dead-people” but only the ones that it is politically expedient for them to see.

And furthermore: Go read Ann Leary, a US citizen who provides a heartwarming/hearwrenching first-person account of her experience with the UK National Health Service when she went into premature labour, here.

Merci to BlastFurnaceCanada for that!


Anonymous said...

Bravo! and sorry but it must be my mood, LMAO! at the kitty pic with caption.

fern hill said...

Wonderful cat picture. And you know how I feel about cats.

k'in said...

In SUZY Clue(less)'s world, it's all about the unborn, the wombies.

And, re the Big Blue Wingnut's quote above...she should be busted for poaching from Saturday Night Live's glurgissimo "Jack Handey's Deep Thoughts"

deBeauxOs said...

Wombies ... now that would be another excellent epithet for The Fetus©™ fetishists.

Witless Wombies. Rhymes with Zygote Zombies.

Anonymous said...

Still LMAO @ kitty pic and I see dead people. Fucking too clever for words. Stop it, dying here.

buckets said...

To date, the convergence of various astroturf zygote zealot organizations has produced 10 returned medals

Are you sure about that? Looking back at my notes (here), I see four living, three dead, and three anonymous. Now the four living are clear, the three dead are iffy, but surely you can't ask for your name to be removed from the list of award holders without telling your name.

deBeauxOs said...

Ten medals have been officially returned to the Governor General.

So three names have not been released; they are considered 'anonymous' then? Smells fishy to me too.

buckets said...

Ten medals have been officially returned to the Governor General. I'm not sure there's any been any report that the anonymous ones ever did return their medals. Lifesite reported many months ago that three anonymous holders were going to return their awards, but whether they ever did or not has not ever been claimed as far as I know.

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