Sunday, 6 September 2009

Gag Me with a Spoon!

The first part of this didn't surprise me all that much. For the benefit of a charity that helps 'wounded warriors', you can bid on eBay to win a dinner with Sarah Palin. And Todd! And only five other winners! You'll have to pay your own travel expenses to hook up with her, in, um, Montana? Rhode Island? Well, somewhere.

Opening bid is $25,000.

The second part gob-smacked me. For the same charity, Karl Motherfucking Rove will have lunch with three lucky winners. Opening bid for this treat of a lifetime is only $7,500.

I mean, you'd have to pay me $25,000 to spend the evening with SP, but I'd need, um, wait, I'm thinking, about what the US government spent on Wall Street bailouts to chow down in the same restaurant with Karl Motherfucking Rove.

Bidding starts early Tuesday and you have to pre-qualify. So hurry here to register.


Bina said...

Why do I get the strangest feeling that there won't be many bidders? And that this sensational item will sink without a trace when the deadline comes and goes without five people to call "winners"?

fern hill said...

Oh, I think there will be bidders. Her fans are rabid. And surely some of them are rich enough. . .

I'll keep an eye on it.

jj said...

Wingnuts like buying people. You must remember that classic post from socon-or-pus, when he wanted to auction off a dinner with Mark Steyn and his wobbling frommage for $2000... snark bait of the highest order!

deBeauxOs said...

Sarah Palin has fans by the bushel.

Karl Rove has suck ,,,,err, sycophants. Yeah, that's the word for them.

Oemissions said...

Can a group bid? Like in buying a lottery.?
Have a fundraiser to send some Canadian progressive bloggers for dinner with Rove.
Make a video?

Bina said...

"Wobbling fromage"--is that CELLULITE? (scratches head)

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