Saturday, 15 August 2009

In other news, water still wet

Must be a slow news day in SHRIEEEEEEKY-ville when LifeShite resorts to Sex and Porn on Top 10 List of Kids' Online Searches!!!!!!!
A study conducted between February and July this year by Symantec Corp. through their OnlineFamily.Norton service, which lets parents monitor their children's Web activities, has revealed a glimpse into the online activity of children. Symantec studied 3.5 million searches made by the service users worldwide.

Ready the fainting couches! Cue pearl-clutching!

So what are the top 10 searches?
1. YouTube
2. Google
3. Facebook
4. Sex
5. MySpace
6. Porn
7. Yahoo
8. Michael Jackson
9. Fred (A popular fictional character whose YouTube channel has become a hit among kids.)
10. eBay

Seems kinda tame to me. But then, I was and am a baaaad kid. I think the first word I looked up in a dictionary was 'fart'. Or maybe 'shit'. Well, you know. . .


deBeauxOs said...

I'm not getting what the point of that Lifeshite article was. Porn that objectifies women and presents scenes of sexual abuse and violence is not a good thing? Well duh.

Feminists have been observing this since the 1970s, and arguing in support of sex-positive education that gives children and adolescents the tools to recognize the difference between coercive and consensual sexuality, and the means to act responsibly.

Oh. Wait. That's not what the Bible thumpers want, is it?

fern hill said...

The point, my dear dBO, as always, is: SEX!!!!! PORN!!!!! CHILDREN!!!!! Ummmmm. . . .SHRIEEEEK!!!

deBeauxOs said...

Of course. And then Lifeshite tells its readers to send them more munnee, right?

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