Saturday, 15 August 2009

Half right, half wrong.

It appears that a reasonable agreement between the Québec College of Physicians and the Ministry of Health may be delayed until the respective parties stop bickering about who is right, who is wrong, who is incompetent and who is lying.

Radio-Canada has found an individual who wrote the recommendations presented by the College of Physicians. He claims that at that time, no provisions were made to exclude abortions, known as IVG (interruption volontaire de grossesse), as practiced in private clinics from the new regulations.

The core of the argument is the same professional criteria of health care delivery, whether in a hospital or in a private clinic should determine how IVGs are provided in the first trimester. The new regulations will oblige private clinics to follow procedures that are more strict than those the hospitals do.

The outcome of this "imbroglio" should not hang on the results of a pissing match between Lamontagne and Bolduc. This is an urgent matter and should be resolved before more clinics are forced to close. I think that
the sensible recommendations of Dr Barrette, president of the Quebec Federation of (Medical) Specialists should be followed.

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