Friday, 14 August 2009

The No. 1 Abortion Story

For the past few days, whenever I search for 'abortion' at Google News, the story of Rick Pitino is all over the place.

Who is Rick Pitino, you ask?

A USian university basketball coach. Seems he had sex with a woman not his wife, at a restaurant (I've read 'on a table', 'in a booth', and 'in the restroom' -- but then I'm reading this crap really really fast). She came to him later saying she was pregnant. He offered or actually paid $3,000 for her to get -- are you ready? -- an ABORTION. There's more about her allegedly trying to extort him or something. I lost interest.

So, apparently, has the guy I linked to above:
Given the fact that the documents detailing Rick Pitino's statements to police include the word "abortion" in them -- whether or not Pitino offered to actually pay for this abortion is at this point only a matter of semantics -- this was probably bound to happen. A University of Louisville anti-abortion group is publicly calling for Pitino's dismissal. Of course they are.


deBeauxOs said...

Pitino is allegedly irresponsible and a prick.

The only difference between him and other guys is that the other person involved in this imbroglio, instead of suing for child support (I'm assuming that she's sincerely anti-choice not simply an opportunist) turned to a notorious foetishizing organization for help in engineering her very public revenge.

Yes - he should be held accountable for his behaviour. But fired? As one comment said, the University of Louisville is a publicly funded institution. Pro-Lies groups can shrieeek, whine and picket all they want, but the offer to pay for a medical intervention - a legally available abortion - is not a reason to dismiss a state employee.

fern hill said...

Yabbut, dBO, notice how I linked our little blog to the No.1 Abortion Story. So now when the fetus fetishist/sports fans -- a huge demographic you know -- google 'Rick Pitino', they'll come here and our hit count will skyrocket and we'll make tons of munnee off the ads.

Oh. Wait.

Never mind.

deBeauxOs said...

Are those two distinctive demographic groups or is that just one MASSIVE clump of sports fanatic zygote zealots?

Besides, we don't do it for the steenkeeng munnee. We just like to increase our daily hits 'cause we're competitive (but in a good way).


k'in said...

The Pitino release appears to be the *only* release on this puny campus group's website. Kinda makes one think that this figurative Pavlov's dog has been in a sit/stay for so long that,as noted above,"of course" they're going to be all over this "bone".

Surprising that the Republicans haven't recruited Pitino as a candidate. He seems to be the type of "moral majority" hypocrite they just lurve...

deBeauxOs said...

... specially as a Family Values™ platform candidate for governorship of states like South Carolina.

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