Monday, 1 June 2009

Really hot and a little crispy.

Randall Terry, burning in Hell? No such luck - he was merely describing how he likes his chicken wings, in the second video posted here.

Alison @Creekside nailed him when she blogged "Pro-lifer": Just another name for "terrorist".

Individuals and groups in Canada who oppose abortion have been infected by the diseased discourse of Randall Terry, founder of Operation Rescue and his cohort of fundamentalist religious zealots bent on terrorist action to execute their will. Blob Blogging Wingnut and SoWrongOrNuts run typically deranged blogsites, spewing lies, posting propaganda and crusading to save the zygote, the embryo and the fetus.

It's important to observe, when watching Terry's attempt to rally his troops, how he exhibits the classic behaviour of a delusional, self-centered, amoral, self-aggrandizing sociopath.

Here's a "teaching moment" - for the world to recognize that Terry is a multi-millionaire protecting HIS BUSINESS interests. Listen to him drill his followers, to stay on message, to keep the course. His political tactics are evident: his right to free speech = the ability to pull in more $$$$$ from his anti-abortion supporters.

Hate is a powerful marketing tool and Terry is not afraid to use it.
Go read JJ's blogpost 'Demonization and Dogwhistles' - her insight into Terry's repetitive references to Obama is right on target.


jj said...

What an attention whore, on top of being a murderous psycho.

I hope this idiot keeps blabbing his face off, this is great, actually. Normal people are already recoiling in disgust... even at conservative sites like little green footballs, they're just disgusted that they have to share the word "conservative" with these anti-choice maniacs.

deBeauxOs said...

I dunno JJ, calling Terry a whore is an insult to sex workers.

He is something far, far worse. Think of the most odious, depraved, meretricious, loathsome character Stephen King could have ever created. That's Randall Terry.

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