Monday, 1 June 2009

All fetus fetishists have blood on their hands

Jill Filipovic in the Guardian takes the 'lone nutter theory' -- espoused by the anti-choice gang including, you know, HER -- out to the woodshed and slaps it silly.

Go read the whole thing. Here's a taste:
This was not the act of a lone extremist. It is one more act of violence to add to a long, long list of crimes committed by anti-choice terrorists, and it is the logical outcome of years of increasingly violent, dehumanising and threatening rhetoric and action on the part of supposedly mainstream pro-life groups. The responsibility for George Tiller's death surely falls on the shoulders of the person who actually pulled the trigger. But when pro-life groups did everything but give him a gun, their hands are hardly clean.

And I agree with JJ when she says this of the fetus fetishists:
I might actually be able to muster some respect for them if they’d just say: We’ve been doing it wrong. We made this happen, we own it, we need to accept that and change our approach. But they either can’t or won’t accept responsibility, because on some level, they feel this kind of murder is justified. (Some even revel in it.)

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