Tuesday, 2 June 2009


You've heard of talking heads, right? No, not The Talking Heads.

In the last 48 hours, every so-called "pro-life" - spit! - talking head has exploited the public assassination of Dr George Tiller, mumbling 2 seconds of sanctimonious hypocrisy about his tragic end then using but, ... but, ... BUT,... to preface crisp sound bites about the evuls of abortion. Every one of them is a big BUT-head.

Bene Diction said it eloquently here. Read it. Print out his blogpost. Bookmark his website. Because you will be returning to his emotionally-charged, beautifully-crafted and yes, spiritually-elevating writing.

I know I will be seeking solace in his words, the next time I am confronted to the meretricious and loathsome perorations of Blob Blogging Wingnut and SoWrongOrNuts.

These Canadian BUT-heads march to the beat of Randall Terry's Operation Rescue and they proudly shrieeek that fact every chance they get. They nurture the same hatred, they use the same vile terminology, they spread the same disinformation. Their religious zealotry seethes with the murderous ethos of God the Cruel Father. Arrogant BUT-heads, claiming the right to judge as their God would, justifying their violence, rationalizing their superiority to others.

Abortion-criminalizing, fetus-fetishizing, women-hating BUT-heads.

The biggest, most depraved BUT-head is Bill O'Reilly. When he heard about Tiller's murder, his first thought was about himself and how to pre-empt demands that he should be held accountable for the incendiary words he has unleashed on television. So he proceeded to attack journalists, editors, columnists and bloggers who dared to say he was responsible for inciting violence.

Bill O'Reilly = massive BUT-head.


fern hill said...

Damn, dBO, I was going to write on the same phenomenon. But naturally, you've done so much more stylishly than I would have.

Great title too.

deBeauxOs said...

fern hill & deBeauxOs: 2 brains, 1 blog, no buts.

fern hill said...

LOL. And no ifs or ands either.

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