Monday 17 April 2017


Based on research done by volunteers* for Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada, one media outlet reported on a federal Canada Summer Jobs grant of over $56,000 going to the Fetal Gore Gang last year.

While literally hundreds of anti-choice outfits are milking this program, what made this news was the size and the MP. MPs apparently have a great deal of say on what gets funded in their ridings.

And this one was facilitated by Liberal MP Iqra Khalid.

Wait. Liberal? Member of the so-called feminist Liberal government of Canada?



The next day, iPolitics followed up.
The report prompted the government to announce that no Liberal MPs would be allowed to allocate money to such groups this year. On Thursday, however, a government source said Employment Minister Patty Hajdu is looking at ways to make certain all funding decisions made by MPs through the program reflect the views of a pro-choice government.

That is a MASSIVE WIN for pro-choice forces in Canada!

iPolitics made further use of ARCC research.
Over the past five years, roughly $3.5 million in summer job grants has been allocated to anti-abortion groups through the program — most of the money coming from Conservative MPs but some grants in the $2,000-$3,000 range being allocated by Scarborough-Guildwood Liberal MP John McKay, who is known to oppose abortion.

Which we also reported on.

So, while we laud iPolitics for taking up the story, their coverage under-reported the egregious and disgusting activities of the recipient of this handsome gift of our dough.

The Fetal Gore Gang, or as they prefer to style themselves, the Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform, has been the subject of many, many blogposts here.

These are the sick puppies who seek to shock and shame with gory, inaccurate, and misleading images on bus ads (Peterborough successfully and Grande Prairie unsuccessfully), postcards shoved in mailboxes during the last election, dangerous banner drops over highways, etc.

So, while MP Khalid made a HUGE mistake, she sort of did us a favour by choosing one of the most hateful gangs out there. One that is very hard to defend as a bunch a kindly volunteer grannies seeking to gently dissuade pregnant people from exercising their constitutional rights.

We're waiting for the predictable SHRIEEEKING from the fetus freaks and will update.

*ARCC volunteers. This WIN is 99.9% down to Kathy Dawson (aka @blueskies at Twitter), quoted in the iPolitics stories. She is simply awesome. And a scary broad NOT to be pissed off. :-)


k'in said...

In a perfect world, this war would have been OVER for good. But, world's not perfect. Thanks for fighting WINNING this battle. Trudeau has at least saying the right thing - no place in LPC for anti-choice. So, an ambitious toxic mole got through but slapped down. Ever vigilant - war is won. Public is pro-choice.

fern hill said...

No doubt about it. Canada is pro-choice. And not going back. And you're right on the vigilance too. Because they're sneaky buggers.

Anonymous said...

In other good news:

fern hill said...

Yes, I'm about to report on other good news on the pro-choice front.

From that link, Alberta plans to fully fund the abortion pill for all.

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