Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Anti-Choice's Desperation to Avoid Responsibility

Nah, fetus freaks aren't desperate to avoid the stink of pro-life terrorism atall atall.

In the Fetal Gore Porn Guy's second kick at the no-connection-between-violent-anti-choice-imagery-and-language-and-Colorado-Planned-Parenthood-murders can, there is this jaw-dropper.

The pro-abortion worldview is one based on the very simple premise that violence—the physical destruction of a human being developing in the womb—is the answer to virtually every imaginable situation.

Ah, yeah. It's pro-choice who thinks violence* is the answer to everything. After all, it's us pro-choicers who murder, assault, fire-bomb, send death threats, post "wanted" posters, harass people outside medical clinics. . .

Wait. No. That would be the anti-abortion gang.

After the Colorado rampage, Bryn Greenwood, who goes by @clinicescort on Twitter, devoted her timeline to the various acts of terrorism she experienced as a clinic worker. Here it is in Storified form.

If you have the stomach for it, read the whole thing, but here's the nub.

In addition to being absolutely incapable of detecting irony, Fetus Freaks also have an extraordinary ability to avoid introspection. Witness this from Fetal Gore Guy's first kick at the no-connection-between etc can.
It’s interesting, isn’t it, how the Left functions. If an Islamic terrorist shoots up a theatre, he is “not a real Muslim” and “not following the peaceful tenets of True Islam.” However, if some strange nutcase opens fire outside a Planned Parenthood and proceeds to murder a pro-life pastor police officer, immediately we are all to assume that this person is definitely a Real Christian, and represents All Christians.
And then he goes on to twist himself into knots trying to show there's no-connection-between etc. All a terrible coincidence.

Well, golly. Today we learned that the Colorado shooter asked for directions to the clinic.

Yep. Pro-life terrorism. This is on them.

And they know it.

* Here's an example of pro-choice violence: assault by chocolate milk. And, gee, it was perpetrated against the Fetal Gore Gang. Have a read of what drove the passer-by over the edge from the Fetal Gore Gang itself.

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