Monday, 5 January 2015

Harper's Record: He's Running on It -- UPDATED

On the weekend I participated in a tweet-em-up with the tag #HarpersRecord. Check it out here.

Here is the blog post (by new blog-roll addition The Cailleach: Another Blogging Ginger) I (mostly) don't have to write now.

It was remarkable, as that blogger said, for its range of tweeters, subject matter, links, and photos.

And I too was struck by the nearly total absence of anyone trying to defend Harper's record. I also wondered if it was because it happened on the weekend while paid CPC and PMO trolls were not on the clock.

Here's a bit of background to it.

I asked who started it and when. It was Norlaine Thomas, who said she'd heard that Harper was planning to run on his record and thought to self: "All righty then." (I paraphrase.)

She said she hadn't thought about weekend timing.

So much good information was gathered -- and so little fun troll-smacking -- that a reprise is planned for tomorrow, Tuesday, January 6, 1 p.m. MST.

Be there.

UPDATE (Jan. 12/15): #HarpersRecord is still going strong and providing an excellent compendium of what ordinary Canadians find particularly loathsome about Harper and his criminal minions. It would be a terrific resource for the Fucking Useless Opposition® for their attack ads. If they gave a shit about ordinary Canadians and Canada, and not just their own electoral chances, that is.

Weirdly, or perhaps not given the sheer volume of tweets on the matter, there have been NO CON-troll attempts to defend #HarpersRecord. Perhaps they've been told to stay clear.

NOTE TO DEFENDERS: If Twitter is intimidating to you, comment here at this wee blog.

Also, as another example of outstanding grassroots involvement, here is a video produced by @KevinBourassa, Election Fraud II.

Please share widely.


The Cailleach: Another Blogging Ginger said...

Looking forward to rocking #HarpersRecord tomorrow! I am playing hockey at 1:15 MT, but I will join the party as soon as I am home... One other thing I find really interesting is how MSM is ignoring us. There seems to be a fair bit of political influence these days in what gets covered though...

fern hill said...

Hi, Cailleach/Ginger, good to meet you.

Yes, tomorrow will be fun. And, as you say, fun to see how long we'll get ignored.

Here's a clickable link to The Cailleach's latest.

I'm going to add you to our blog roll and invite you to check out this aggregator, Canadian Progressive Voices, where you'd be welcome.

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