Sunday, 18 January 2015

Anti-Choice Should Support Approval of RU486

Many questions are being raised over the delay in Health Canada's expected announcement on mifepristone, aka RU486.

While we and others remain confident that the overwhelming evidence of its safety and efficacy will convince scientists (!) at Health Canada to approve it, some are wondering about the politics and secrecy of the process.

Many pro-science/pro-choice people have a very dim view of the Harper government's dismissal of science and evidence and its repeated meddling in supposedly arm's-length agencies, so it's rather odd to see Official Fetus Freakdom speculating on political interference.
The timing of the delay is noteworthy. Making a decision prior to the upcoming federal election could have drastic consequences for the reigning Conservatives. An approval of the drug could potentially result in the party alienating itself from its natural base of people who respect life and think it wrong for a mother to end the life of her pre-born child. Denying the drug, however, could potentially give left-leaning institutions, politicians, and especially mainstream media added firepower to accuse it of being against ‘reproductive rights,’ and ultimately against women.

We know why the Freaks are dead set against medical abortion *cough* privacy/access/cost/end of clinic harassment *cough* but really, they should welcome it.

For the past few months, they've been trumpeting a new "pro-life" treatment that can "reverse" medical abortions.

And look at the new opportunities it offers them.

Gerard Nadal, Ph.D., a pro-life scientist, breaks down the process further.

“Unlike surgical abortions which are immediately lethal, RU-486 (mifepristone) works over a period of 36-72 hours,” he notes.
So, if they can get their hands on someone part-way through the procedure, they have the chance to make another "save" as they call it and interfere with the right to abortion. Again.

Wheeee! Wot fun! More manipulation! More guilt-tripping! More martyrgasms!

Oh. Wait. They'd have to be able to identify people who are partway through a medical abortion in order to intervene. I wonder how they'd do that?

Maybe by launching another anti-choice mole willing to breach patient privacy by snooping into hospital records.

Seriously, we're glad this treatment exists. It represents everything we stand for. Choice above all. If a person is having second thoughts, by all means, stop and reconsider.

Who knew that anti-choice was really so pro-choice?

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