Saturday, 15 March 2014

If the law don't get you, your regulatory body will

What fuckery is this?

From BC.

Women’s health clinics, health authorities and the Opposition NDP are lining up to criticize new fees that could lead to service cuts at community abortion clinics.

Two Metro Vancouver women’s centres and one Vancouver Island clinic are facing 400 per cent increases to regulatory fees charged by the College of Physicians and Surgeons this year, which equate to an almost $9,000 bill this year.
The College had raised these fees to other clinics a few years ago but granted the women's centres a reprieve.

Now suddenly and summarily ended.
The college is now treating the non-profit women’s health clinics the same way it treats for-profit surgical centres, and that’s not fair, said NDP Health critic Maurine Karagianis.
Supporters point out that these clinics provide a range of medical services for women. Many women don't have family doctors and don't feel comfortable having something like a PAP test done by any old random doctor one may encounter in a walk-in facility.
The fees are also not supported by the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority and the Vancouver Island Health Authority, which provide operating funding to the women’s centres. In a joint letter to the college, both authorities said the fee hike “seems inappropriate” and the clinics have fixed budgets, funded mainly by government, that don’t allow them to make up the extra money elsewhere.

The clinics are different from private surgical facilities, argued the health authorities. They clinics save the health care system money by treating women in the community instead of in a hospital, and provide an environment without fear and stigma for women needing [sentence ends here].
So. One's gotta wonder. What's -- or maybe more appropriately, who -- has gotten into the BC College of Physicians?

Plain brown envelopes welcome over the virtual transom.

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UPDATE, March 22, 2014: BC Health Minister orders health authorities to pay the increased fees for the clinics.

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Pseudz said...

From the linked site it appears that Vroom handles(?) that file. Start your engines - Vroom- vroom. Do you suppose that they charge licencing fees to Insite, too? Regulating care is already a kinna pretzelly idea . . . that assumes that for ease or profit some providers will skimp if no one is watching. Just doing their jobs here - - real expenses . . . your fair share. Fair share of what? I'd love to hear what the money is actually for.

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