Thursday 13 March 2014

Fern Hill Endorses Olivia Chow (WWWKD?)

So. It's official and launched this morning. Olivia Chow, my former city councillor and just-resigned MP, is running for mayor of Toronto.


I am not a partisan any more, but I did join the NDP years ago, principally to work to get Chow elected as MP over useless Liberal douchebag Tony "Trust Fund" Ianno*, which I did.

Before that I was an activist and as such consulted with her and her city councillor's office several times on behalf of my little gang and we always got a warm reception and helpful advice.

I like her and admire her. I think she'll be good for the city. And I will do my part as a wee blogger and tweeter to help get her elected.

But there's another fun angle.

From the link above:
Chow's campaign will be headed by veteran Conservative strategist John Laschinger, while her war room will be run by Warren Kinsella, a well-known Liberal.
Regular, long-term readers of DJ! may remember -- and others bored to tears by -- the history between Kinsella and me.

In the 2011 Ontario election, I came up with the tidbit that CONservative leader, Tim Hudak, had vowed to fetus fetishists that he would defund abortion.

Kinsella happily snaffled that meme, eventually crediting me with the discovery, and we worked a pretty good tag-team on the hapless Hudork on the topic over the election.

But then, something bizarre happened.

Kinsella had deemed me an idiot. Three times.

OK, then.

At first, I was confused that a wee blogger like me would attract such wrath. But soon I was mostly amused, especially when the kerfuffle occasioned absolutely magnificent blogging from Dred Tory, Dr. Dawg, and DJ's own Námo Mandos.

In ensuing Twitter exchanges, WK blocked me. (He is apparently quite quick to do so, something of a handicap, one would think, in trying to run a "war room" intended to attract perhaps obstreperous progressives.)

Over the upcoming loooooong mayoral campaign, which I plan to cover in my half-assed way, I expect that I will offer both kudos and razzberries to Ms Chow and her campaign.

I wonder how each will go over with the Lib-turned-municipal-nonpartisan attack dog.

I wonder if I'm still on his radar.

I guess we'll find out.

Stay tuned.

*In more recent news today, it seems that Christine Innes, wife of Tony Trust Fund, wants to run again in the Trinity-Spadina by-election caused by Chow's resignation. Chow beat her twice, but hey, these Liberals are pretty bouncy.

Well, bouncy until the bullying tactics of their classless husbands get their candidacies blocked by head office.

Fun times ahead!


Kirbycairo said...

My sympathies. Every good leftist blogger has had a run in with this nut case a one time or another. He is deeply unstable and is able to brook no rational disagreement with his opinions. Ironically, he is very much like Harper - instead of engaging in rational discourse he marginalizes and name-calls. I don't live in Toronto but if I did I would have a hard time voting for anyone who would employ Kinsella in any capacity.

fern hill said...

It has caused me to think. But the decider will be if he tries to pull any of his BS, how soon Olivia shuts him down or boots him out. I'm expecting her decency to overwhelm his douchebaggery and if not, she'll get rid of him.

If she doesn't, I'm rethinking my endorsement and my vote.

susansmith said...

good for you for taking the high road on this Fern. As for the Lib party blocking classless husband. I think that's just the cover for the fact hubby was charged with insider trading and it would bring back into focus "liberal corruption" meme. So they used that, pretending the high road, when they didn't want that reinforced meme, and also probably some lib parachute candidate that is backed by TJ.
It seems also that Christine's campaign didn't agree with some requirements in the green lighting also.

susansmith said...

post to Kirby. Are you on twitter? loved to follow you

fern hill said...

@ Kirby. I'd love to follow too.

And about Ianno/Innes: all I know is that he is a piece of work, still emanates a bad smell in in T-S. I think a lot of people, even Libs, would think HARD before voting for anyone related to him.

Kirbycairo said...

Hi folks, I am on twitter (@kirbycairo) but I don't post much lately. Just as I don't blog much lately because I have just grown so weary of this difficult and exhausting war to defend the principles of justice in a world of corporate hegemony.

But let's look on the bright side. . . . .

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