Saturday, 30 June 2012

What Would Jesus Do?

Most certainly ^NOT this.
Youth activists with The New Abortion Caravan are descending on Ottawa this weekend with billboard-size abortion images. At 2pm on Saturday, they will be bringing bloody pictures and a child's coffin to the prime minister's private residence. Then on July 1, they will be displaying abortion images near the Parliament Hill Canada Day celebrations. They also plan to hand-deliver postcards bearing graphic images directly to homes across the city.
My daughter's sister-in-law lives in Ottawa. She is a devout Catholic and though not a shrieking zygote zealot, she would prefer to live in a world where women didn't have abortions.

She recently miscarried at 21 weeks of gestation. It was a much wanted pregnancy; she, her husband and their children greatly anticipated the birth of a sibling.

I'll suggest that she avoid the areas where the Whingebago aka FetusMobile will be travelling. Oh, and anywhere the antiChoice brigade might be Crusading for the christian Sharia and distributing their graphic images.

It would be a horrific trigger event, to inflict upon someone who has recently experienced a medical and emotional trauma. Her husband is a gentle fellow but he might react strongly to such rabid insensitivity and bullying by the fetushizers.

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