Friday, 29 June 2012

USian Anti-Abortion Ads! On Our Tellies!

Today on Twitter. Fetus fetishist ad. @MuskokaMoneybag tweeted about it, then tracked it down.

It's from Alliance for Life.

It doesn't look like a Canadian setting, does it? Not a typical bunch of Canadian Ordinary Joes and Janes, either.

We don't do 'missing milk carton children' in Canada any more.

And I have never -- and neither had MuskokaMoneybag -- seen an anti-choice ad on Canadian telly.

I went looking. And found this.

It comes from a xian production company, Virtue Media, which for a 'modest' licensing fee, will allow fetus fetishist orgs to pollute the airways with sanctimonious glurge.
VirtueMedia™ offers Right-to-Life/Pro-Life groups an opportunity to air proven-effective commercials that educate the culture of the sanctity of every human life, and other ads that reach abortion-vulnerable women offering help and healing.  The cost to a Right-to-Life/Pro-Life group is the contribution of a modest licensing fee.

USian glurge imported to Canada to promote USian abortion insanity.

We want this here?

ADDED: Alliance for Life is behind the We Want the Debate Campaign.

UPDATE: Saturday, June 30.

The campaign has legs/dough. If you see an ad, please let us know.

UPDATE: I should have done this earlier. There is a campaign to complain to Advertising Standards Canada. Helpful instructions at the link.


Anonymous said...

Here is my letter to the Dairy Farmers of Canada:
I wondered if you knew that a radical anti-abortion group intent on removing women's rights in Canada was using "Milk" and milk cartons in their ads to try to politicize a legal medical procedure.

How do you feel about this? Have the Dairy Farmers of Canada approved of this? Do we need to start a boycott?

You can find the ad in question here:

I look forward to hearing if you approve of how this group has commandeered your product and linked it with a radical anti-rights cause.


fern hill said...

Woo. Hadn't thought of that. Excellent work!

Shades of Dr. Strangelove. You do not want the Dairy Farmers of Canada angry at you. *snerk*

Beijing York said...

It looks like it's shot in the US SouthWest. Typical of the US fundies to help out fellow fetus fetishists for a modest licensing fee. The sanctity of the dollar still trumps the sanctity of life.

Kayvee1000 said...

Love it!! Excellent challenge Anonymous 6:57pm. I Look forward to their response to you. Actually, I think I will also write a letter :) Great Idea!

hornblower said...

How about a complaint to the Advertising Standards of Canada

They have handled abortion ads before - see 2nd listing here: Someone needs to figure out how to phrase the complaint because it has to be misleading. Abortion industry is one phrase that jumps to mind right away.

fem_progress said...

Should we write to provincial boards, ministers of agriculture, etc. I'm sending this to the food columnist at La presse. She is a Stanford graduate asnd feminist. It won't do dowm lightly.

choice joyce said...

Pro-choicers have had a pretty good success rate at getting the ASC to nix anti-choice ads, so it may be worth a try!

Before doing so, I would recommend giving the Canadian Advertising Code a quick read - it's short:

In addition to Section 1 that requires ads to be inaccurate and not misleading or deceptive, another promising area is Section 14, if you can make a case that anything in the ad is discriminatory, demeaning, condoning violence or crime, or “undermining human dignity.” Shouldn't be hard with these ads!

Kayvee1000 said...

I wrote the Ontario Milk Marketing Board, as they are appearing in Ontario. Don't know about other provinces though. Note: Was looking for the National Milk Board, and it appears it is now under CDIC (Federal Jurisdiction)... found that one interesting!

choice joyce said...

Oh by the way, they've been playing slick anti-choice TV ads in BC for years. Not this one, but others, trying to lure unsuspecting pregnant women to call their CPC line.

fern hill said...

Really? I have never seen an anti-abortion ad on Cdn telly.

Transit ads. Newspaper (cheap, giveaway type) ads. But not telly.

BC is so interesting politically. Well. . .

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile you have a disgusting banner photo at the top of this page--makes me not take this site seriously.

fern hill said...

Really? Disgusting? DJ! NOT serious? Say it ain't so.

deBeauxOs said...

Is anonymous dissing our cat-bread, a minor Photoshop achievement?

I feel crushed.

Actually, ^NOT.

Anonymous said...

I just saw this ad on OmniMedia, during an episode of The Simpsons. As a Canadian, I'm used to feeling protecte from this kind of hateful messaging. Now I just sick.

Anonymous said...

Me too, omni during simpsons. I almost never watch TV and the one time I did had me greatly regretting it. This is Canada, we support women's rights. I was so offended to see this ad. It sickens me to see the ongoing debate on abortion in the USA, and if this ever becomes as big a political topic here in Canada I don't even know what I will do.

Anonymous said...

saw this ad on TV last night (Sep 7 ) but not sure which station I was watching. Did anyone else in Montreal see it. I though we had put this behind us a long time ago! Disgusted to see this king of manipulative ad trying to make women feel guilty about the choices they make.

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