Thursday, 21 June 2012

Spurgies Unite!

I find the 'beard-no-mustache' look very creepy. And I just found a word for it -- spurgy*.

So, this guy definitely is creepy.

But then again so is this guy.

You remember him? Dominionist Mike Schouten, vocal backer of Woodworth's Wank, based on the Bible, of course.
The mission of is to build support for federal legislation that restricts abortion to the greatest extent possible. This mission is based on the Biblical understanding regarding the role of government to promote order and restrain evil.
Bad shit happens when spurgies follow what they think is a 'higher' calling.

*Do you suppose that's a soft or hard g? I kinda like soft.

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liberal supporter said...

Where does the Bible say abortion is evil? It doesn't.

The RC church is against abortion, but no Pope has ever said so ex cathedra, so there is no true theological backing or papal infallibility in this view. Therefore Mr Schouten has only his own needs and desires to support his view. The power of the state should not be used to support his non-Biblical opinions.

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