Saturday, 26 May 2012

Would You Debate Nelson Muntz?

On Twittter, JJ, The Unrepentant Hippie and I are discussing @BerthaWilsonMtn.

He (? let's assume it's a he) mimics what Sane People tweet about Woodworth's Wank (M312) and changes the link.

Hahahaha. Knee-slapping funny, if you are an eight-year-old boy.

We shouldn't be surprised. The whole 'Bertha Wilson Motion' thing is a typical repurposing of clever pro-choice messages by imagination-challenged fetus fetishists.

He's got a particular fascination with deBeauxOs and moi. Here he claims the entire anti-M312 argument is based on one scathingly tongue-in-cheek tweet by dBO, which he had already taken issue with.

There's a screenshot of her tweet which I grabbed.

This week’s LOL Award (Lack of Logic or Laugh out Loud…your choice) goes to this nice little anonymous lady(deBeauxOs) that speaks tough, well, because she is anonymous…and because, you know, when you are trying to influence government and you don’t have a shred of logic…you post “intelligent” comments that really advance your argument…and demonstrate your ability to debate issues and influence public opinion.

For those who are unaware, necrophilia is sexual attraction to corpses.

It takes an amazing sick mind, and probably a supporter of the NDP, to even suggest that there is any similarity between necrophilia and this.

In the meantime, this is what is actually lobbying government.

Oh, sorry…deBeauxOs doesn’t actually lobby have to be a REAL person to do that.

The account is just an anonymous RoboDrone.

No wonder they are afraid to debate.  We would be too if this is the best we could muster.

All that's missing is an armpit fart and a Ha! Ha!.

Go leave him some love. Since April 11 the blog has garnered only eleven comments total.


JJ said...

I left a helpful suggestion in the comments but it's stuck in moderation (shocka!!).

This guy is such an amazing jerk -- I wonder what he'll do with himself after M312 goes down in flames.

OTOH, I guess we already know what he'll do with his Faptastic self. Same as always, the tubesock holocaust continues...

fern hill said...

You are such a humanitarian, JJ.

Now you'll be in his sights too. Are you skert?

JJ said...

He's been following me for awhile on Twitter, but I've never gotten so much as a tweet out of him. HE is the skeert one, not MOI!

kootcoot said...

As to legalizing "necrophilia." At least one could rationally deem that a "victimless" crime where nobody suffers - not that I'm promoting it, seems kinda creepy like sending body parts to the HarperCons, maybe someone thought they needed some bits of humanity, even dead parts liven them up!

JJ said...

Well, he didn't last long on my feed. He's the first fetus fetishist I've ever blocked, but not because he's a fetushist -- his tweets were just too inane. "LOL ROTFL here's the LOL award winner" (as he tweets the same post for the 18th time). Boring. Boring. Boring. At least tweet some lies I can shoot down, like SUZANNE.

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