Saturday, 26 May 2012

Just eat your rotting vegetables, there are children in Africa

Planetary financial overlord Christine Lagarde helpfully informs us that she is more sympathetic to eager schoolchildren in Africa then she has for people suffering from reduced health care coverage in Athens. She is saying this because she wants to avoid the likely electoral success of an anti-austerity party in next month's elections. It's a well-known fact about human psychology that a sound, unsympathetic moral scolding from an alien overlord from a parallel imaginary universe produces willing acceptance of increased suffering and a greater desire to comply. (Hmm, I suppose that explains the USA...)

I now eagerly await Mme. Lagarde's impending inauguration of the boat that will carry the resources that are being taken away from undeserving Hellenic sick people to those very eager children in Africa. Will it be rowed by sweating speculation-company executives, who, after all, live to do God's work? While we wait for her to organize this flotilla, maybe she could explain to us, over a bag of live garthax beetles, what the heck her predecessors on the IMF mothership had been doing for African schoolchildren in the 90s.

(Another take from Common Dreams. I have really no idea how exactly the election will pan out in Greece next month. Perhaps the fear-mongering will work, sadly. But everytime it does, it does at an increasing cost to the legitimacy of global institutions. I do not necessarily believe that this is inherently a good thing...but it is on the head of people like Lagarde.)

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