Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Women's Health Is Up for Debate

Wanna fight back?

Here is ARCC's action page opposing Woodworth's Wank, aka Motion to Strip Women of Hard-Won Rights, with everything you need to fight back.

There's a link to the petition, which has just zoomed past 6900 signatures.

Link to downloadable and printable postcards to send to MPs, complete with link to an MP finder.

And there's a link to a Facebook page called 'Wombswarm Parliament' (that I can't get into because I hate Facebook), based on this US website that we blogged about here.

ARCC also has lists of MPs: anti-choice and pro-choice and unknown.

Hardworking commenter Laura also has lists of MP's emails here and here, but they might be a bit mixed up as to anti- and pro-choice. The email addresses are dandy though.


the regina mom said...

And for those in the Twitterverse, check out Politwitter's list of MPs with Twitter accounts.

Miss Vicky said...

new Facebook page to follow! Radical Handmaids!

on twitter as well @RadicalHandmaid

fern hill said...

Miss Vicky's link.

Love the name!

Anonymous said...

Lordy, Lordy. Here in Alberta it will be double-wank if Danielle Smith and the Wild Rose Party win the election. She is on record as stating the taxpayer's should not pay for abortion services, and her party supports "citizen initiated (e.g. Alberta Pro-Life)" referendums.

fern hill said...

Paging (Alberta-based) Niles! Niles to the courtesy phone, please!

Jane said...


fern hill said...

Jane's link.

Sheesh, #WarOnWomen® breaking out all over the fucking place.

Niles said...

Yes'm? What zactly you seeking, oh massager of the lamp?

fern hill said...

Care to comment on Wildrose's 'conscience' blitering?

And BTW, we're about to unlink from Progressive *snort* Bloggers, so if you've got anything to say to them, do it soonish. See update here.

fern hill said...

Er. Blithering.

Niles said...

My personal opinion? Wildrose is the Alberta Socred party making yet another attempt at provincial comeback. But then, I'm old enough to remember the Manning Socreds and the relatives who voted for them, and the vociferous ...discussions those kin and the Saskatchewan NDP kin got into.

They're making a play for the even more righterer side of the province's voters (who remember the good old days when things were whiter and less crowded) who make up the 'old guard' disgusted with how reality-biased the Conservatives have gotten, which is saying something.

Tellingly, while Danielle Smith is out front as the kinder, gentler, sexy 'libertarian' face of the new party and is on record as being personally pro-choice, she's got Ezra Levant neck deep in her corner, and she's tweeted about dropping by the Manning Centre to visit her pals like Christy Clark and the rest of the usual suspects, so what does that tell you about why there's verbal jazzhands going on?

Here's a good look at Wildrose candidates, courtesy of Daveberta an energetic, progressive, young provincial politics watcher who's managed to raise the ire of provincial conservatives more than once just by pointing out what they're doing.

You review that and tell me if the Wildrose is not, as Mr. Dave pointed out another 'arm' of the Reefooooorm agenda successfully being dictated by Harper at the federal level.

Ms. Smith's provincial political life has consisted of being on a Calgary school board that was mass fired for being uselessly self-sabotaged and running for leader of Wildrose. It's basely nasty of me, but she makes me think of a Sarah Palin, only more articulate.

The 'conscience' thing is a way to freshly stir up reactionaries still spitting about same-sex marriage being legalized and the marriage commissioner in Saskatchewan. IE: the Wildrose party will spend useless taxpayer money on ideological lawsuits fighting the Charter of Rights if elected, because a referendum on it will give them a mandate.

But hey, a hard-right party mealy mouthing about being libertarians has to do what it has to do. It's already trying to bribe voters with 'dividends' paid out off royalties. Except of course, no profit, no dividends and when they get finished with lowering royalty payments and environmental regulations for the big oil companies, there won't be any of that.

....I better stop now. There's smoke coming out my nose

Niles said...

ok, just as an addendum, both Smith and Redford are facing sexism, with Redford losing the usual 'conservative women are hotter than liberal' sausage fest comments.

Yes, Redford has been tagged as the not-good 'liberal', which she might actually be in policy least compared to Wildrose.

Jane said...

Combine the Alberta Wildrose promise to bring an end to the Alberta Human Rights Commission, the Conscience Clause, and their stated policy to put social issues to referenda, and Alberta under Wildrose will be a place where human rights have little protection except what can be sustained by court challenges. I'm sure there will be many of those in our future if they win. This isn't just about abortion, it's about any "social" issue, and I can't think of an issue that isn't a "social" issue.

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