Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Self-Pitying Toews and victims of CON bullies

Au cours de sa vie, Rémy Beauregard a... (Archives, LeDroit)

Rights and Democracy, the organization that Remy Beauregard gave his life to defend, has now been euthanized by the Harper government.

Meanwhile, the Vic Toews pity party goes on and on.

God's wrath is fickle and and unjust.

Remember when Vic Toews threw himself a pity party and nobody came?

Oh. Wait.
While no laws were broken, the Conservatives want to learn if anyone else was involved and if Carroll is being used as a scapegoat to protect key staffers. [...]

Toews also wants the committee to look into Liberal MP Justin Trudeau's role in the affair. He was one of the first to retweet the volleys to his followers.

"It's very clear Justin Trudeau is in vikileaks30 up to his neck," said Toews.

Opposition MPs say the Conservatives are hammering the vikileaks issue to change the channel on allegations of election fraud.
Pretty loose and cheap talk for a serial adulterer and sexual predator. CONtempt of Parliament - it's how the CPC rolls. Attack others for actions that they're guilty of advocating and practicing.

I hope Trudeau sues Toews for slander and defamation, though I suspect his generosity of spirit is greater that Vic's vile spleen.

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